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nzanielacedk: on the  demo server 5.0 do  use  nginx uwsgi  ?09:48
nicoenzaniela: It's using the docker image IIRC10:00
nicoenzaniela: thus there's a uwsgi listening10:01
nicoenzaniela: listening on 127.$version.110:01
nzanielawhat are  hardware ram ,  hard disk  rotation , and is it using  uwsgi gevent or greenlet or just threads10:02
nicoe16Go of RAM, I don't know about the disks and we're using threads10:04
nzanielanicoe: thanks whats IIRC10:05
nicoeIf I Recall Correctly10:05
nzanielanicoe thanks for the link .... its super fast10:05
nicoeThe same machine also hosts the website and mercurial btw10:06
nicoenicoe@moretus ~ $ free -h10:07
nicoe              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available10:07
nicoeMem:           15Gi       2.9Gi       336Mi       201Mi        12Gi        12Gi10:07
nzanielanicoe: with those statistics  how many  concurrent users  can it handle without slowness10:09
nzanielanicoe: is it by any chance ssd10:09
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nzanielai have a  digitalocean box 4gb Ram with uwsgi performs  well  but the server is a  bit overloaded , thats this statistics are  really helpful10:10
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cedknzaniela: not SSD13:03
cedknzaniela: it is always difficult to answer in term of concurrent users because it really depend on the processes and volumes13:04
nzanielacedk: thanks for the information13:05
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nzanielawhats the best Tax Identifier  for non eu  countries , i get this error  Invalid VAT number "KE123456789"14:26
pokolinzaniela: you should have your the tax identifier of your country14:27
pokolinzaniela: we plan to add more identifiers for next tryton release:
pokolinzaniela: first you should check if python-stdnum supports the identifier of your country. See:
nzanielai have checked  on the  documentation  none for Kenya14:31
nzanielapokoli: is there  a generic one and would you have an example , checked on  code and it expects a  char  but14:32
pokolinzaniela: you can leave the type empty14:32
pokolinzaniela: tryton will not perform any check but will allow you to store anything14:33
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nzanielapokoli: i wanted  to  know with an example and  i  can code one for our country14:43
nzanielapokoli: one more question  i get this error while creating  an  invoice The value "in_invoice" of field "Type" on "Invoice" is not in the selection any idea  why am  getting this error14:46
pokolinzaniela: on latests version the type is 'in' for supplier invoices or 'out' for customer invoices14:49
pokolinzaniela: 'in_invoice' was the value used on previous versions, so you should probably update some of your code14:49
nzanielapokoli: thanks for pointing that out14:50
pokolinzaniela: here is some example for extending the identifier list to add a codes for some country:
nzanielapokoli: thanks for the  link will come handy14:56
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csotelohi all17:03
csoteloI am trying to unconciliate an invoice and a message tel me that the invoice is paied and I couldnt modified it, any suggest please on get back payments, please17:05
cedkcsotelo: what do you mean by "unconciliate an invoice"?17:11
csoteloI have an invoice wich one has payments registered by mistake, and the invoice appear as paid, I want to delete this payments and set it as posted no paid, the account movement appear as ""conciliated"", I want to rollback it. Is it possible?17:13
csoteloI have trying to do it from the movement, but a dialog message appear telling me that the invoicce couldnt be write since it is paid17:14
cedkcsotelo: you must first unreconcile the lines17:15
csoteloyes, I have tried that, but when I try to unreconcile the movement line with the concile id, told me that invoice couldnt be written since it is paid :/17:17
cedkcsotelo: that should not happen17:20
cedkcsotelo: I just tested on demo and it works17:21
csotelocedk, that is nice to know probably I do wrong on my custom module.. thanks17:21
csotelocedk, was on my validation! thanks a lot17:22
cedkcsotelo: please try to test first on a vanilla setup17:27
csotelovanilla setup?17:28
cedkcsotelo: without any customization17:30
csoteloohh sure!17:30
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