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jcmhi, I wonder how I can locate a product among parent-children stock locations (choose a product, list the locations and quantities)12:53
cedkjcm: there is a relate for that on product variant13:26
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nzanielafrom the  documentation  hg nclone
nzanielabut  on running the command i abort: Remote repository doesn't support the nested extension14:23
nzanielaany other  way to clone  as it is not a repository14:24
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cedknzaniela: we do not support any more hgnested14:29
cedknzaniela: we use subrepo from
nzanielacedk: thanks , i am cloning it  now14:33
mrichezhi, on_change method doesn't work with a function field ?14:58
cedkmrichez: normally there is nothing special with function field and on_change15:02
mrichezcedk: ok15:07
cedkmrichez: but you can not call a function field inside an on_change most of the time15:11
mrichezcedk: humm, must be that... because it seems not working but no error15:12
cedkmrichez: check
mrichezcedk: ok, meanwhile i found another way to update my field15:21
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jcmcedk: thks!16:49
jcmcedk: for a MultiValue like product.cost_price, is there a way to set it via proteus?16:49
cedkjcm: no if it does not inherit from ModelView or if method used are defined in __rpc__17:13
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