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semariewhat is the usual workflow used for proposing changes when using rietveld ? creating issue on bugs.t.o or creating review on codereview.t.o first ?07:44
semarie(and yes, I finally created a google account... shame on me)07:45
Timitossemarie: you should always create a ticket. there should be no review without ticket07:46
semariesure. my concerns is more a pragmatic question. here I created a review first and next a ticket (with review number), and next I edited the review to include the ticket number07:48
semarieit seems to me in both cases I will need to edit the first thing I created to reference the other07:48
Timitosthats correct. i think there is no common rule which one to create first07:50
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nzanielacedk: the custom webshop  presented on  is the code available08:57
cedknzaniela: noop but it is mainly based on standard Tryton modules and flask-tryton09:01
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nzanielacedk: ok,i was  looking for a more advanced  demo on the flask-tryton .. thanks09:03
nzanielacedk: if i have an excel sheet of products how can i load it to the product module .... ? can it lead to data inconsistency09:15
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cedknzaniela: you can try to use the CSV import but you need to understand a little bit the data layout of Tryton10:00
nzanielacedk: on data layout of Tryton could you please elaborate on this  please10:02
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cedknzaniela: you need to understand the data model10:47
nzanielacedk: okay the data model of the module i want to import into , i get that10:49
cedknzaniela: CSV import is a one shot10:51
cedknzaniela: if you want more control, I suggest to write a proteus script or a wizard10:51
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nzanielacedk: thanks11:02
jcmhi cedk! I have a strange pb here: the menu "Client Invoices" is not visible anymore with user admin: not in left bar, neither in User permission search results. How could I repair that?11:05
cedkjcm: I do not know what you did11:09
jcmcedk: nothin intentional, except updating my custom module for some translations on invoices.11:10
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cedkjcm: I doubt, menu does not disapear when updating translations11:15
cedkjcm: the menu entry visibility is menaged by the groups defined on them11:18
nzanielacedk: on the on Inventories am trying to search a product using the count wizard but nothing appears ?11:19
cedknzaniela: please fill a bug report11:30
nzanielacedk:  i was working on the online one , i will replicate  the database and view  in the trytond logs the error then fill a bug report11:32
jcmcedk: If I try to edit a new group as admin user, I cannot add Customer invoice menu (not in results for the search "Invoice"). Shouldn't user admin access all menus?11:58
cedkjcm: only if it is all the groups12:32
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cedkjcm: there is nothing special about admin except that in standard we always include in all groups12:35
jcmcedk: so if someone accidentally removed some authorisation from a group, he could'nt anymore add it back?12:44
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pokolijcm: I've seen this behaviour on some database12:53
pokolijcm: the issue is reproducible by creating a new group, restrict the menu to only this group and do not add the admin user to the new created group12:54
pokolijcm: it should be fixed by adding the admin user to the new created group12:54
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jcmpokoli: thks! indeed I added a new group "View invoices". But why adding menu access in this group removed it from Account Administration?13:13
jcmI added admin in this new group and now the menu is back...13:14
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pokolijcm: the access is remove because everyone with access to financial menu can access this menu, so when you add a new restriction you restrict to only the users of the new group14:47
pokolijcm: you should probably grant access to this menu to the accounting group14:47
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nzanielahas  anyone build  a trytond for  windows  with PyInstaller15:07
nzanielaor any other way  pls15:07
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mrichezhi, if you use a many2one with a domain (on the state for instance). Is there something to check domain integrity (you update the state but it doesn't follow the rules) or you have to define a method ? Best example is supplier_quotation : you can select the best quotation with state received, but you can change the state of the quotation and so quotation could have state 'draft' and staying as best quotation even if domain allow only 'received' state...15:17
cedknzaniela: check
cedkmrichez: there is no reverse domain validation, it must be implemented case by case15:22
mrichezcedk: ok thanks15:23
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nzanielacedk: i am  looking for the trytond(server) version ... i understand trytond is supposed to be in a linux system but am looking on how i can make it work with in windows ..15:25
cedknzaniela: there is no point to build a windows exe of the server because it is modular15:26
cedknzaniela: just setup a python environment on windows and run it from there15:27
nzanielacedk: i already do that .. looking on how  i an bundle trytond in one setup with  all dependencies15:29
cedknzaniela: what is the point?15:31
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nzanielacedk: sastifaction that i can do it15:32
nzanielacedk: found neso in github reading it15:35
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