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semarieI am looking quickly at purchase module. it seems not possible to delete a purchase once in 'processing' state. in order to delete, it needs to be cancelled, and no transistion exists for that :-/11:02
cedksemarie: you have a small grace period between confirm and processing to allow cancel11:02
cedkotherwise you must cancel every generated documents11:02
cedkand finish the purchase workflow by managing the exceptions11:02
semarieif I cancel the invoice, the purchase see the exception, but it still requires the purchase to be cancelled11:02
semarieand if I do 'manage exception' it ask for recreating a new invoice :)11:02
semarieI am playing with a product which is a 'service' if it matters11:02
cedksemarie: you have to manage the exception and do not request torecreate the invoice lines11:02
semariethe full information is on tooltip only. the wizard has only 'choose invoices to recreate'11:02
semarieanyway. thanks cedk11:02
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mrichezhi, i'm using product_by_location to check inventory at a specific stock_location grouping by product, lot. When checking an empty location, it returns me all the products that were stored at this location with quantity 0... I will not display values with quantity 0 but i'm wondering if in the time it will be resource consuming to get all those values ?14:02
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cedkmrichez: it returns a value for any product that were in the location15:02
cedkmrichez: removing them will probably be more expensive than doing nothing15:02
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mrichezcedk: ok, so after some years, it could be a long long list15:02
cedkmrichez: it could be cleaned by period if the period did not store 0 value15:02
mrichezcedk: ok thanks15:02
cedkmrichez: could be goog to fill a performance request15:02
mrichezcedk: ?15:02
cedkmrichez: could be good to fill a performance request15:02
mrichezcedk: how? for now we have few moves, so i think there'll be no difference... i'll wait to have more moves to test15:02
cedkmrichez: well by though, we know that it will grow so we can already anticipate15:02
cedkat least have a record of what to do15:02
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cedkmrichez: thanks15:02
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