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notizblockcedk: found the culprit: the menu window action was duplicated during the upgrade and only admin had the correct one. Fixed by assigning all the new menu window action to all users. Thanks for your help and suggestions10:43
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sisalphello, didi the way passwords are coded change between V4.8 and V5.0 ? Seems that patch the database table no longer works. Any idea ? can python3 be under question ? or a version of bcrypt ?16:00
cedksisalp: yes we use passlib now16:01
sisalpI use hashed = bcrypt.hashpw(password, bcrypt.gensalt()) and print '$'.join(['bcrypt', hashed])16:02
sisalpwhat would be the equivalent ?16:02
sisalphere is all my code sequence to set a user password in database :
sisalpcedk: in tryton-admin help, I see a reset admin password function. Should I use this instead ?16:21
nicoeprobably :)16:22
cedksisalp: it will be safer across releases16:22
sisalpnicoe: cedk: I will do it :-) Thank you.16:24
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