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sisalphello, what is the difference between the tryton-admin module upgrade fonction and the Administrator/Modules/Modules Mark_for_upgrade ?09:16
pokolisisalp: none, it's the same functionality09:26
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sisalppokoli: thank you.10:12
sisalppokoli: seems the configuration wizard is run when upgrade is interactive from menu10:20
pokolisisalp: when using trytond-admin the configuration wizard will be automatically lauched on the next login of an admin user10:38
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sisalppokoli: everything is clear. Thank you.12:03
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alexbodnhello friends12:19
alexbodni'm studying tryton by building databases in python code.12:25
alexbodnyes, it's perverse and primitive, but this is my way.12:25
alexbodnplease tell me whether i can use something like wizards to rely on well defined functionality.12:25
alexbodnalso, for my debugging i'd need to dump objects to examine their status. how could this be done?12:25
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alexbodni mean model objects.12:32
cedkalexbodn: there is no dump functionality on record12:49
cedkalexbodn: for other questions, I do not understand them12:49
alexbodnhello cedk13:33
alexbodnabout the dump, i wish to see the field values. is there a json export ?13:33
alexbodnthe answer to my other question seems to be proteus. this might change my whole approach. i can use the client and write the actions in proteus for repeating later.13:33
pokolialexbodn: you can export records as csv13:43
pokolialexbodn: and it will be possible to create a function to serialize a record as json13:44
pokolialexbodn: but you should probably define which level of depth do you want to seriealize, as a tryton record may contain relation to other tryton records13:45
alexbodnthank you pokoli, indeed i wanted it deep, hence i thought of json rather than csv.14:09
alexbodnis csv the only predefined serialization? the thought of proteus, called in ipython makes me feel more comfortable even to explore the record manually.14:09
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pokolialexbodn: trunk version include some interactive console which may be usefull for your case:
pokolialexbodn: we use csv as it's easly to open by spreedsheet software, which fits the need of the users14:23
pokolialexbodn: if needed you can develop a custom module which ads a method to seriealize as json14:24
pokolialexbodn: and this method can be added to all models of a given class, by using register_mixin:
alexbodnbtw, can a custom module add such method at the top of the inheritance tree, in the class ModelSQL ?14:25
alexbodnpokoli: may classinfo be ModelSQL?14:30
pokolialexbodn: yes to both questions ;)14:31
alexbodnthat IS cool, i was about to make a monkey patch to modelsql to add it an extra omnipresent field14:32
alexbodnis mixin a class? and what should be the module for this case?14:34
alexbodni may read the code14:34
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pokolialexbodn: is a class and when registered it will extend any class that is a subclass of the classinfo15:37
pokolialexbodn: so if you add a new function it will be available to all models15:37
pokolialexbodn: indeed that's the usuall tryton inheritance but applied to multiple places15:37
pokolialexbodn: we follow this pattern to develop modules that extend other modules functionalities, for example by adding new fields on tables or modifing some functions behaviour15:38
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alexbodnyes indeed pokoli, this is the other end of extending. i wanted it to do a more rigid partition of the records.22:17
alexbodnnow i hope the work with proteus will allow me to look more like a standard user.22:19

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