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wifasoipokoli: (or anyone can do this) can you give the write acces to pottle to the user "gavermi"?10:04
pokoliwifasoi: write access to which language?10:04
pokoliwifasoi: I have no admin rights, I think cedk should give you the access10:04
cedkwifasoi: you should be able to do it yourself10:04
cedkwifasoi: you are administrator for Italian10:04
wifasoihaaa, i see... i thought there was an admin page under my profile menu... I found the option now10:04
wifasoiDone, thanks.10:04
wifasoiIs there a quick way to load a translation file from the tryton client? And is there a quick way to jump to the view via the context string?10:04
pokoliwifasoi: there is some script to download the translations files to the tryton sources10:04
pokoliwifasoi: then you should upgrade your database to load new translations and you will see the new values on the client10:04
pokoliwifasoi: here is the script:
wifasoiso this script will download the file and write them on all modules.. nice.10:04
pokoliwifasoi: to the modules and the clients ;)10:04
wifasoithen i can upload them to pootle after modification.10:04
pokoliwifasoi: you can modify them on tryton, then export using the wizard and re-upload them to tryton: YES10:04
pokoliwifasoi: but if you are more than one working on the translations take care that you will override all translations of the module10:04
wifasoi(i prefer use poedit, but i wanted to have a preview for reviewing my translation)10:04
wifasoiis tehre a quick script to upload to pootle, or maybe by hand is the best option?10:04
pokoliwifasoi: there is an option to upload/download a module po file from the pootle web interface10:04
cedkI do not see the need to see the translation in the application10:04
cedkour design is very flexible so it can proof nothing to see it10:04
cedktranslators should stick to translate word by word (using the context)10:04
pokoliwifasoi: I normally create all the translations from pootle and then after translating all you can download to test10:04
wifasoiok thanks.10:04
wifasoiso, there is a way to upload a language by command line? (to shave the extra second of navigating trough pootle, i can live if there is no other way)10:04
wifasoiAnd if we can discuss for the Association blueprint (I'll report all the decision in to the forum thread)10:04
wifasoicedk proposed to separate the membership fee from subscription10:04
wifasoiand it seams that there is a need to generate a report of the fee/payment line (generatingand storing receipt)10:04
wifasoican we focus on how this model should be structured?10:04
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