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semariewifasoi: tryton is a framework, so it is possible. but there are only few standard modules that you will be able to use for such usage.06:05
semarieregarding storing binary file, as attachements are supported, it is doable. one limitation is currently removing an entry from FileStorage doesn't remove the file (only the entry in db)06:05
semarieand for performance, I dunno :)06:05
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mrichezhi, i try to give some specific permissions to a field but i got an error with my block concerning group_admin. Here's my xml :
mrichezhere's the error:
mrichezi try with another group (party.group_admin) and it's working.. Thanks for help !14:05
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cedkmrichez: looks like the database schema is not up to date14:05
mrichezcedk: will try trytond-admin --all14:05
mrichezcedk: working :-) thanks !14:05
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