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semarieunder openbsd, with py3.7, testsuite for edocument_uncefact is failing. I saw it with 5.2, but when retesting 5.0 to see if it was a regression, it is the same. As with py36 it was fine, I suppose it is the change py36->py37 under openbsd that makes it to fail.08:05
semarieit is failing in genshi with RuntimeError: generator raised StopIteration08:05
semariefailing test is "Test 16B-CII CrossIndustryInvoice"08:05
semarieshould I open an issue ? I dunno if it is more related to genshi or tryton...08:05
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cedksemarie: it is a genshi issue08:05
cedksemarie: I think it is fixed in their tree and most distrib back-port the fix08:05
semariecedk: thanks. I will look to backport the fix in openbsd so08:05
semariecedk: thanks ! I was searching it :)08:05
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semariecedk: by updating genshi to 0.7.2, it solves the issue. we didn't catch it as it is released on github/pypi and not on upstream website anymore09:05
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semarieshould trytond.convert has special case for not tryting to delete data from model res.user ? else during migration, there are errors: raise DeleteError(gettext('res.msg_user_delete_forbidden'))16:05
semarie(5.0 -> 5.2 : account_payment_clearing.user_post_clearing_moves and res.user_trigger users)16:05
cedksemarie: why does it crash?17:05
semariecedk: not a crash. but it is reported as an error17:05
cedksemarie: this is discussed on
semariecedk: thanks for the link. it provides more context to me17:05
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