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tbruyereI saw that the translation file of countries in the country module is not up to date (example Czechia). I do not know whether to go directly to the module translation (weblate tryton) or if the translation is imported from the pycountry module?08:44
pokolitbruyere: only the english strings are imported from pycountry. See:
pokolitbruyere: If the issue is your language translation you should use trytons weblate to fix them09:44
cedktbruyere: Do you mean that for you some countries are not correctly translated ?09:44
tbruyerecedk: English : Czechia -> In french no translate (=Czechia). But I thought the translation was updated via pycountry.09:48
tbruyereI just checked, it is not translated into other languages.09:50
cedktbruyere: yes it is so if you want to improve it, you must improve the pycountry translation09:52
tbruyerecedk: version 18.12.8 of pycountry is correctly translated.09:56
cedkso someone has to improve the process09:58
cedkor it was again a failure of pootle09:59
tbruyerecedk: To be certain to have understood: the translation of "country" is well synchronized with pycountry?10:06
cedktbruyere: yes with a script10:12
pokoliACTION didn't know about this script :$10:22
cedkI must say this management starts to become a pain with many languages and the use of pootle/weblate10:23
cedkI think we must find a better solution10:23
cedkmaybe we should import countries and translations using a script like for the zip code10:24
tbruyerecedk: After test with the script ( I saw that the new iso code for translate uptodate is iso3166-1 and no iso3166 (old translation)10:58
tbruyerethe file is date 2015-07-19 -> the new translate is in the iso3166-1.mo11:00
tbruyerecedk: I must open a issue for this with a patch?11:01
cedktbruyere: what patch?11:06
tbruyereSuggest to use iso3166-1 instead of iso3166 to import the pycountry translation11:07
tbruyereline 32 of script :
cedktbruyere: OK11:09
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tbruyereIssue for :
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lukioHi, is there any way to set the logconf from an enviroment variable? For exmple, I want to set it at the uwsgi.conf13:54
lukioSomething similiar as TRYTOND_CONFIG13:55
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