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skrechhey guys, i was just curious is there a getting started tutorial for USERS of tryton?14:07
skrechI'm totally new to ERP software, but just wanted to see some basic workflows so I get a bit of inspiration.14:07
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cedkskrech: there is this channel who made some basic tuto:
cedkskrech: it is in french but the subtitle/translated works pretty well14:07
skrechthanks! if somebody has other tutorials suggestion, let me now :)14:07
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skrechwhy is this that ERP systems doesn't have good user documentation? I see that most of the efford is documenting the developer side ot things? Even user documentation for Odoo is hard to find, mostly some course trainings.14:07
cedkskrech: because every company has its own workflow14:07
pokoliskrech: also this is a modular system that can be easly adapted to the needs of each company during the implementation phase14:07
skrechso, I have a small ISP (providing internet service) business, and want to find integrated system for to it. However, up until now we were using excel sheets to manage our finances and I want to start with Tryton for some basic functionality in the finances module. One step at a time we intent to integrate more and more modules into our workflow.14:07
skrechintegrate system to manage it*14:07
pokoliskrech: then you should probably start by looking at the account module14:07
pokoliskrech: and probably also account_invoice14:07
skrechyes, that I'll do14:07
pokoliskrech: from which country is your company?14:07
skrechI work also as python dev full time, so it's perfect that tryton is python-based :D14:07
skrechWhen I get confortable with how the things work and integrate in Tryton, I might make my own plug-in for network management...15:07
cedkskrech: the main topic to understand is the model and how they are constructed in the Pool15:07
cedkthe topic starts a little bit but it is missing the extension by module:
skrechanyway, just a fast question - are the separate modules connected/integrated? For example, if client pays his subscription (let's say this is the subscription module) will this automatically calculate this into income in the accounting module, or I have to import data manualy between modules15:07
pokoliskrech: yes, they are15:07
pokoliskrech: for your specific case, subscription will generate invoices, which once posted will generate the accounting moves of it15:07
skrechcool, perfect then!15:07
skrechand the subscriptions are part of which module?15:07
pokoliskrech: sale_subscription15:07
skrechThank you very much... tonish I'll install tryton on some test hardware and fiddle with it!15:07
pokoliskrech: here are some links to our documentation:15:07
pokolifor account module:
pokolifor account_invoice:
pokoliand for sale_subscription:
skrechcool, thanks15:07
pokoliskrech: we have some docker images ready to run if you want to give a quick test:
skrechyeeess, exactly I was writing to ask whether you got docker images15:07
pokoliskrech: we recomend to use them for testing the system15:07
pokoliskrech: we (personally) also use it for production, but that's a mather of taste15:07
skrechhm... why is that it's not production ready?15:07
pokoliskrech: yes, they are, but you can also install tryton from python or distribution packages. See:
skrechI think that I'll go docker way, I've got some experience with it. :)15:07
skrechthanks again, very helpful talk :)15:07
pokoliskrech: you're welcome. Happy to help, feel free to ask any other doubts you may have15:07
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