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wifasoiFor my association it can be useful a module that can keep track of the ownership of the inventory (like tools and machine that are not donated to the association, but just kept for common use)12:08
wifasoithere are module can can archive this (maybe with some modification)?12:08
wifasoimaybe the "Stock consignment" can be used here12:08
wifasoibut I'm not 100% sure it will cover this need12:08
cedkwifasoi: stock_consignment is to sale from a location below a customer or purchase from a supplier location inside your warehouse12:08
cedkwifasoi: I think there is nothing for that because the ERP is about managing properties of the company12:08
cedkwifasoi: maybe you can manage them as asset you do not deprecate12:08
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andrespolitihi, is it posible to build a searcher for a function field that compares a field plus another field to the given value?15:08
andrespolitisomething like this: where table.x + table.y = clause[2]15:08
andrespolitialso: x is a date and y is an integer (number of days), is there an INTERVAL function in python-sql?15:08
cedkandrespoliti: the searcher can returns a domain with operand being a SQL query:
cedkyou can also manage the domain at a lower level with
cedkandrespoliti: python-sql has all the standard SQL functions15:08
andrespolitiis there a way to cast to interval 'x days'?15:08
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Pegasus_RPGHello. I'm looking at migrating to Tryton from SQL-Ledger and was just wondering if there is any sort of "getting started" user guide for the accounting and invoicing functions at least. The official documentation looks like more of a reference than a guide.19:08
Pegasus_RPGAnd many of the terms used are different than what is customarily used in the USA.19:08
Pegasus_RPG(But I'm sure I can hack on an en_US language pack to fix that)19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: not really but Tryton works like any other ERP19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: if you have doubts, you can ask questions here19:08
Pegasus_RPGOkay, but I've never used an ERP package before. :) I guess I'm looking for a document that guides one through setting up the system in the correct order. (E.g. creating accounts in the chart of accounts, setting their properties appropriately, etc.)19:08
Pegasus_RPGWhat days of the week & times of day are people usually here?19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: well there are not really a strict order to follow19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: it depends of your needs, the modules you activate etc.19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: but the system will tell you if it is missing something19:08
Pegasus_RPGOh okay, that helps. One question I have: at what level is user authentication performed?19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: between the client and the server19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: Tryton is three-tier:
Pegasus_RPGRight but I mean do users get authenticated to PostgreSQL or within Tryton itself?19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: to trytond19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: users have no access to the database19:08
Pegasus_RPGOkay. And I just found the LDAP auth method, so that's good. (We use SSO as much as possible.)19:08
cedkPegasus_RPG: it is not like SQL-Ledger which is two-tier (I think)19:08
cedkACTION away19:08
Pegasus_RPGThanks for the info. I'll continue to poke around and I'm sure I'll have more questions as I do. :)19:08
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