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mrichezHi, should file .hgsubstate added in hgignore list ?13:08
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cedkmrichez: no it is part of the subrepo13:08
cedkmrichez: it is added in tryton-env13:08
mrichezcedk: but sometimes this file is tagged as "modified" and uploaded when doing a patch13:08
mrichezcedk: Happy Birthday! :-)13:08
mrichezanother problem is with a fresh install of tryton_env, activate currency module, but currencies are empty.. (i saw a patch removing currencies from xml), so what should i do to load all currencies ?13:08
semariemrichez: look at trytond_import_currencies and trytond_import_countries scripts13:08
semarieit is documented in {currency,country}/doc/index.rst :)13:08
mrichezsemarie: ok , will read that. Thanks!13:08
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mrichezsemarie: so those scripts should be launched manually after install ?13:08
semarieit seems to me that yes13:08
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nzanielacedk: i have  a  trytond -- server with  4 clients in different  points  but i have  a  problem13:08
nzanielawhen  the sales guys  are selling  and  want  to  change the unit price  it  changes  becomes editable sometimes and  others  its readonly  and  am  wondering why  ?13:08
nzanielaas i  want  the Unit Price to be editable all the  time13:08
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cedkmrichez: normally the .hgsubstate is only modified when you do a commit14:08
mrichezcedk: ok, thanks!14:08
cedknzaniela: which unit price are you talking?14:08
nzanielaon the sale module14:08
cedknzaniela: but where?14:08
cedknzaniela: I do not know what it is14:08
nzanielawhat would be causing the system that at sometimes the  field becomes  editable on other times it is readonly14:08
nzanielaearly  in the morning from 10:00  its  editable then after readonly14:08
cedknzaniela: it is not possible to answer as you do not tell us what field you are talking about14:08
nzanielathe  Unit Price in this module which integrates  with the sales and product
nzanielaas we are on the  matter  is  there an  official email i can use to request an email change of my user name as i need to change the password on https://discuss.tryton.org14:08
semarienzaniela: depending how you open the form, fields could be readonly or not. if you open a form from another readonly form, fields will be readonly14:08
semariefor example, on posted invoice, if you open the party, it will be presented readonly (because the invoice is readonly)14:08
semariebut on draft invoice, you will be able to modify the party14:08
cedknzaniela: bitbucket does not seem to work for me14:08
nzanielasemarie: understood  ,  just  wondering why  sometime the field would be doing that funny unexpected behavior of one  minute its readonly then the other minute it gets editable14:08
cedknzaniela: we can not change the email of a user on email request (for security reason)14:08
nzanielaeven when  i give  my  former email and it has my handle , i14:08
cedknzaniela: you can request to reset the password14:08
nzanielasomeone bought my domain before i renewed it now  i  have to change  everything14:08
cedknzaniela: I have no way to be sure that you are the same guy as the one who registered on discuss14:08
cedkso sorry but we can not do anything if you loose your domain and your password14:08
nzanielai understand14:08
nzanielaon this issue can it  be  network  or  trytond is taking time sometime to respond to the client14:08
nzanielaleading to the field changing from readonly to editable some hours and  the others14:08
nzanielathis is the setup  Server 8gb ram --  router -- switch -- 4 clients14:08
nzanielastates={'readonly': Or(Not(Equal(Eval('state'), 'draft')), Bool(Eval('lines', [0]))),},14:08
nzanielaand there is  a module that inherits from the sale class that has  this domain which am thinking might be a culprit but  not sure14:08
nzanielakindly some explanation ,14:08
cedknzaniela: the unit_price of the sale line is readonly when the sale is no more in draft14:08
nzanielawhen  still in draft14:08
nzanielacedk: this  behaviour happens when its in draft14:08
cedknzaniela: a record can become fully readonly if there is any error when loading it14:08
nzanielacedk: tryton client throw no error and  trytond logs have no error but this forgot to mention sao doesnt have this behaviour14:08
nzanielacedk:but they have to use tryton client due to printing the point of sale labels14:08
nzanielacedk: this behaviour occurs only on the tryton client14:08
semarienzaniela: it could help if you provide a way to reproduce (open client and connect, open a sale (in state ...), click on ..., etc...). else it is only guessing and it is going nowhere15:08
nzanielawill  take a  small video15:08
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