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mrichezhi, in a custom module i'm adding data's through xml file... i define rights (C,W,D, R) to res.group_admin on my model but when i want to update some data's, i get the message 'You're not allowed to modify this record, this record is part of base configuration'.. I took for example product_uom that are also created by xml and that could be updated by group product_admin... in my case, i just want the "admin" group.. but it's not working. Any idea?11:10
pokolimrichez: on product uom the check_xml_record is overriden to allow modification:
pokolimrichez: so you should probably do the same for your module11:10
mrichezpokoli: don't know about this method... but i need also to give access rights ?11:10
pokolimrichez: no, this method is used to allow edition of xml_records. See:
mrichezpokoli: thanks ! :-)11:10
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mrichezin a treeview; can we have only an icon in a column ? often there's field value and icon... but in case of boolean field, can we have another icon instead of checkbox ?15:10
pokolimrichez: using the icon attribute should show the icon instead of the name15:10
pokolimrichez: <field name="yourfieldname" icon="nameoffunctionalfield">15:10
pokolimrichez: nameoffunctionalfield should be a functional field that return the name of the icon to use15:10
pokolimrichez: We are using this on the koolvet modules15:10
mrichezpokoli: yes saw examples but, for instance in journal : period_list_close view, there is <field name="journal" icon="icon"/> , and value is displayed with icon15:10
mrichezpokoli: could i use something like this <field icon="icon"/>15:10
pokolimrichez: IIRC name or id is required15:10
mrichezpokoli: and in koolvet you have an column only with an icon ?15:10
pokolimrichez: yes. Here is a screenshot
pokolimrichez: and here is the full code used:
mrichezpokoli: ok, so in case of boolean field, the checkbox is replaced by the icon :-) but if field is another type, field value is displayed next to the icon15:10
mrichezpokoli: thanks!15:10
pokolimrichez: probably the image tag can be  used to show only the icon15:10
pokolimrichez: but you still required the function field to compute the icon name16:10
cedkI think the checkbox is displayed but not visible because the column size is too small16:10
cedkindeed this is a bug, the column size should be greater if there are affix in it16:10
cedkusing image tag will not be efficient because it will download the icon for each row16:10
mrichezcedk: so it doesn't fix my "problem"... so we could add a feature to hide field value if there's an icon attribute ?16:10
cedkmrichez: I do not think it will be a good feature for accessibility16:10
mrichezcedk: or just in case of field type is boolean ?16:10
mrichezcedk: to replace "checkbox" icon by the icon attribute16:10
pokolimrichez: probably a field with icon widget will be the best from the developer PoV16:10
cedkIt may be considered for boolean which are readonly or on non-editable list16:10
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