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semarieI have a translation problem on some modules. Strings are partially translated (some are in french, others in english)08:10
semariewhereas under Administration > Localisation > Translation, I see all strings with "Language: Fran├žais" entries08:10
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semariefound it. it seems it is a regression09:10
semarieI commented on issue8705 as backout the commit resolves my problem09:10
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pokolisemarie: you should open a new issue with the steps to reproduce them09:10
pokolisemarie: are the translations marked as fuzzy?09:10
semarieit is "official" translation entries09:10
semarieI will check. but it seems trytond-admin -u is in the loop for the problem. now even if I ran without the backout, it seems fine09:10
pokolisemarie: if you are using trunk versions, translations are still not commited09:10
pokoliwe are on the translation period09:10
semarieit is "old" translated strings09:10
semarieso the fr.po has the entry09:10
Timitosi think i have the same problem09:10
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semarie"now even if I ran without the backout, it seems fine" <- my tests installation were badly installed. now it is fine: I am correctly reproduce without the backout10:10
pokolisemarie: you should create a bug for it10:10
semarieI am doing it10:10
pokolisemarie: with the steps to reproduce10:10
pokolisemarie: thank you10:10
semarieI am able to reproduce on empty database with just trytond installed. I will explain my settings10:10
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semarieI opened issue8744 for it10:10
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sisalphello, I'm getting into trouble with csb43 module16:10
sisalp  File "/home/sisalpuser/", line 30, in <module>16:10
sisalp    languages += DEFAULT_LANGUAGES16:10
sisalpNameError: name 'languages' is not defined16:10
sisalpis it a known issue ?16:10
pokolisisalp: it strage as I have the same version working16:10
pokolisisalp: using python3.7 but it works for me16:10
sisalpis it spannish specific ?16:10
sisalppokoli: 3.7 is not required for Tryton 5.0 IIUC16:10
sisalppokoli: removing account_statement_aeb43 works for me16:10
sisalppokoli: reconfigured my virtual environment with python3.7 and it works.16:10
cedksisalp: it is a bug in csb43 package16:10
cedksisalp: it happens because you do not have locale.getdefaultlocale()16:10
sisalpcedk: how to get it ?16:10
cedksisalp: I guess by using C as locale16:10
pokolisisalp: yes, it is spansih specific16:10
cedkrunning with LANG=C in the environment16:10
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cedksisalp: you should report the bug to the project16:10
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sisalppokoli:cedk: I have soem homework to get conclusions from your advice. Thank you.16:10
cedkI can reproduce with LANG=C16:10
cedkI created
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pokoliups, this was unintended. Sorry for the noise19:10
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