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springwurmsomething strange happens when you login to the server, with the username demo_de. warning lots of opening tabs and errors.08:50
springwurm is ok.08:53
Timitoslooks like somebody played with the actions on the user08:54
cedkspringwurm: I remove the actions08:55
cedkthere are always people putting a mess on the demo08:56
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sebsteGood day y'all! Can I ask for a pointer? When I want to mark an invoice as paid, sometimes the paymentmethods are switched, meaning, that for a costomer invoice, I can only choose outgoing payment methods and for supplier invoice i get only outgoing payment methods to choose. Can anyone tell me how the choice list does determine which methods to display?11:37
sebsteSoory I meant ingoing methods for supplier11:38
pokolisebste: the only restriction I see is that the debit or credit account of the payment method should be diferent from the account of the invoice11:39
pokolisebste: could you check that you have it correctly configured?11:39
sebstepokoli: thanks, let me check...11:41
sebstepokoli: that musat be the issue. So if I understand, the customer invoice takes its account from the  parties debit account, right? I thought in this case the payment methods credit account must be the same? Do you have an example?11:55
sebstesorry if this is a stupid question. I tried so many things, that I am completely mixed up on that now :-D11:56
sebsteHmm: just updated server and client and ran tryton-admin. It failed with an operational error:
sebsteAfter Login I get this error:
sebsteSomehow server updates seem to not go down well with sqlite, is that true?12:14
pokolisebste: which tryton series are you running?12:15
pokolisebste: about sqilite: some features are not supported on sqlite, so I will recomend using postgres on production databases12:16
pokolisebste: we use sqlite for testing12:16
sebstejust updated to 5.4.012:18
sebsteI plan to migrate to postgres once i got everything set up. But I may be moving earlier once I got it running again.12:19
pokolisebste: from the first pasebin it seems that there is some query that is not valid on sqlite12:21
sebstepokoli: So, what do you think - would it make sense to setup a postgres db, use the migration script from cedric to migrate a backup sqlite db to postgres and then run trytond-admin on the postgres db? Could kill two birds with one stone, right12:25
pokolisebste: yes, I think it's a good idea12:26
sebstewhat is the recommended update method enyway? I used pip3 install --upgrade on trytond and all the trytond-modules and ran trytond-admin afterwards. is there a better way?12:27
pokolisebste: that should work, but I normally prefer to create a new virtualenv so you git rid of all the old dependencies12:40
pokolisebste: we now use docker so it's only a mather of update the image version and run trytond-admin12:40
sebsteI was struggling to get it running with docker for some reason in the past. But maybe I should be looking into it again. Will modified template files be keept when updating a docker image?12:42
sebsteThanks for your help, again, btw12:43
sebsteIs ther esome documentation on how to setup tryton with docker?13:00
cedksebste: yes on
sebstecedk: thank you, I have read that one, but already the first command fails with "$: command not found". I have installe docker and docker pulled tryton/tryton. Is there anything else I need to install / pull?13:06
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sebstecedk: sorry my fault. I made a error copying the command. I 'll play with it a bit13:12
cedksebste: '$' is the char used to represent the command line prompt. It is very common practice14:22
sebstecedk: jepp, that was exactely my fault. I simply did not check.15:56
sebsteGot it to run now.15:56
sebsteNow I just need to figure out where the configfiles are located how to get my database into the pgsqlserver inside docker using your migration script...15:58
cedksebste: in Docker world, configuration is done using environment variables16:06
cedkto load data in a dockerized postgres, you may look at
sebsteWell, I sort of have a tryton.conf. Couldn't I reuse it in the docker image and edit it to use the postgresql db?16:29
cedksebste: that's against the principal of docker, you do not edit inside the container but just configure it with environment variable16:56
cedksebste: every option of trytond.conf can be set with env16:56
cedksebste: check
sebsteThanks, Cedric. Maybe I'll stick with a regular local installation, for now. I admit this is a bit overwhelming for me.17:03
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