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mrichezhi, in relatorio, is there a way to group data in a loop for ? Here's my problem: In report picking list, there's a loop on the moves from the shipment... on a move there's a field "sale" , i would like to group moves by this field "sale" to display specific information linked to the sale, but i don't want to repeat information for each move linked to the same sale. Thanks for help!10:24
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pokolimrichez: you should create a Grouping Module which references each move of the sale10:55
pokolimrichez: IIRC on the account_asset module there is something similar done10:55
cedkmrichez: you can use
mrichezpokoli: ok thanks10:58
mrichezcedk: ok, i thought it could be done in the report, but i've to do that in python code in the report class10:59
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cedkmrichez: you can call python code in report but it is not very practical11:11
mrichezcedk: indeed... i was focused to try to group data on report, i'll group data in report class with groupby... thanks :-)11:13
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andrespolitihi, i have a report that makes a complex search in account_move_line. Would it be possible to make it more performant by partitioning the account_move_line table between reconciled and unreconciled move lines?18:56
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cedkandrespoliti: I will not start by that20:19
cedkandrespoliti: first simplify the query, add proper indexes, tune PG parameters…20:20

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