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pokoliandrespoliti: See
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cedkpokoli: should not we put the live stream link on tsd2019 page?09:11
mrichezpokoli: hi, the talks at the Spanish Days will be in english?09:11
pokolimrichez: no sorry, they will be in spanish09:11
mrichezpokoli: ok, thanks..09:11
pokoliI've scheduled some tweets to publish the streaming link just before the tsd starts10:11
pokolido we have some odp template for foundation related presentations?10:11
pokoliIf not I will prepare one10:11
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pokoliI've created some notes for a Tryton functional overview:
pokoliif somebody finds that I missed something it will be great to include it11:11
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mrichezhi, how to extend a @property ??? for instance here : . I try this way :    but getting error "model has no attribute _shipment_grouping_fields".13:11
pokolimrichez: your code it's correct13:11
pokolimrichez: the problem is that you are adding to a tuple which is not possible13:11
pokolimrichez: you should convert to list before adding13:11
mrichezpokoli: hum, but error is not about tuple, but missing attribute ??? Should i've to call super() or just self._shipment_grouping_fields ?13:11
pokolimrichez: properties hide the internal errors, this is a python issue (has been discoused on the discuss forum)14:11
mrichezpokoli: ok thanks! :-)14:11
mrichezpokoli: still the same error " .... has no attribute"  ... here's my new code:
mrichezpokoli: seems another python bug :   ???14:11
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mrichezstill with problem of @property ... why using @property here :  as it seems complicated to extend with super()15:11
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pokolimrichez: could you tree with
mrichezpokoli: working :-)15:11
pokolimrichez: the problem is that if there is an AttributeError inside the property python complaints about the propoerty attribute16:11
mrichezpokoli: ok; but just also wondering why using this decorator @property and not just a function returning tuple ?16:11
pokolimrichez: code looks nicer without the function call16:11
mrichezpokoli: ok :-)16:11
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andrespolitihow can i access the domain of a tree view?18:11
andrespolitii need to get the domain from within sig_save_as method from the file so i can send it to the backend to print all found records instead of just the selected ones18:11
pokoliandrespoliti: wow, are you already implementing it?18:11
andrespolitipokoli: it's just a quick hack so our client can make a report before the end of the month hehe18:11
pokoliandrespoliti: IIRC on the screen you have the search_domain which should return the domain of the current screen:
cedkandrespoliti: why not just increase record limit and select all for the export?18:11
cedkandrespoliti: this is the fastest way18:11
andrespolitibecause we have a client that generates a lot of move lines, and having a high record limit becomes very slow in some models18:11
cedkandrespoliti: change just for the one case18:11
cedkandrespoliti: it can be done on the ir.action.act_window even19:11
andrespolitiif i set it high it takes hours to show the records in the screen, we need to export around 83000 records19:11
andrespolitiwith some heavy function fields19:11
andrespolitii think that long time is because of calculating the function fields, and then receiving and rendering all that data in the screen19:11
andrespolitiit fills the ram very quickly and the client becomes unstable19:11
andrespolitiin sao, clicking the checkbox in the column name row selects not only the records on the screen but all of them, so they can export it easily19:11
andrespolitibut there is no equivalent function in the gtk client19:11
cedkandrespoliti: so export will be as long19:11
cedkandrespoliti: CTRL+a19:11
cedkanyway, having user to deal with 83k records sounds like a design problem19:11
cedkjust tested opening 100k translations record in tryton, it takes about 30 seconds but it is doable19:11
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