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sisalpHello, while configuring a new database, I install account_fr and Tryton 5.4 prompts me to create the Company. I miss the cirrenceies at this step, and I also get a strange message 'accounting plan already exists for this company'. Is there any trick to start in the right order ?13:08
pokolisisalp: since 5.4 you should execute the import_currencies (and countries) script to have the data loaded on the database13:09
pokolisisalp: about the warning is because you have some accounts already created for the company13:09
pokolithis was added to prevent the duplication of the chart of accounts, which is often hard to remove13:10
sisalpThank you, what is this script ?13:10
pokolisisalp: can be executed as trytond_import_currencies if you have the modules installed (via pip or distribution package)13:13
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pokolisisalp: for countries, just change currencies for countries and you will have the equivalent script13:14
sisalpand yes, countries are empty so far.13:14
sisalpbut I see it requires proteus as well13:14
sisalpwhy this move ?13:14
sisalpI think I will postpone Tryton 5.4 support on my services so I can figure out all the consequences.13:16
sisalpTnak you13:16
sisalppokoli: Thank you13:16
pokolisisalp: this speed ups the update process as the static data is not re-checked on each upgrade13:17
pokolisisalp: and it allows to update the data by only updating the required packages (pycountry, etc). Without updating trytond modules13:18
cedkbut mainly it is to simplify the release process: no need to sync data with pycountries nor to sync translations.13:18
cedkand it allows to keep data up to date without the need of waiting new Tryton series13:19
sisalpfor me it is bad news as it changes database initialization process.13:20
sisalpI'm searching the doc to get a full picture. Any specific chapter ?13:20
cedkit is not required to use those scripts, user can just create manually the data he needs13:20
sisalpcedk: no chance to get these scripts activated from the user interface ?13:22
pokolisisalp: scripts can be imported an automatically executed on ptyhon scripts13:26
pokolisisalp: IIRC this is used on the demo scripts13:26
cedksisalp: no because it is an administrative task that should be run only if pycountry is updated13:26
sisalpis 5.2 also impacted by this policy ?13:28
pokolisisalp: no, this was introduced on 5.413:35
sisalpI stepped back to 5.0 on my free hosting for the time I understand the impact, and will skip 5.2 because I have no evolution path ready for the end-of-life date.13:36
sisalpIwill probably understand why the new way is better, but I doubt new comers will understand why Tryton is empty and complex to fill with generally embedded data.13:39
pokolisisalp: as system administrator you can just fill the data by running the scripts and users will not notice the behaviour change13:42
pokolisisalp: normally it's harder to understand by people that are used to have the data already loaded on tryton than to newcomers13:42
pokolisisalp: new users will just create the required currency for it's company and that's it13:43
cedkthe script can be run on manually created data, it will just update them13:47
sisalppokoli: probably, but so far, proteus is not installed on my automated installation. The user creates databases through a web interface which uses trytond-admin only. I have to improve this part.13:49
sisalppokoli: my point about new comers who evaluate the product is that most of them will just miss the point and live with manual data creation. Not a big deal at this step.13:53
sisalpcedk: thank you for the point, it is a good thing.13:53
sisalpi have another question about proteus. So far I install trytond, all required modules and proteus in an environment before running my script.14:36
sisalpIs there a way to do the same when running trytond out of the sources ?14:37
sisalpmaybe a trivial python question14:37
sisalpwhat is the best way to manage a business with no VAT ? Should I modify sale standard VAT rate to 0% or omit VAT on products and external documents ?15:23
cedksisalp: do not use any taxes15:33
cedksisalp: fill unit price with tax included15:33
cedkbut situation may be improved with
sisalpcedk: I do so, thank you.15:36
sisalpcedk: If I get the point, the improvement would concern any kind. My question, (no VAT business) was mainly related to sales but as VAT on purchases is paid but not recovered, it can be set in accounting as usual I think.15:42
sisalpcedk: nevertheless margin calculation would be impacted, wouldn't it ?15:43
semariesisalp: just record the full price in charge account15:45
semarieI am working in a french association like that (no VAT business)15:45
sisalpsemarie: thak you, how do you do it ?15:47
semariesisalp: price on lines for a purchase invoice are "converted" to vat-included-price (ttc) before recording the invoice16:02
semariewe don't use any taxes16:03
sisalpsemarie: I'll try this way, thank you16:28
sisalpsemarie: Thinking twice, I would prefer a true accounting of unrecoverable VAT on purchases.16:38
semariesisalp: it is a true accounting. for the association the charge is the whole price (price + vat)16:44
semariein which account would you record the vat else ?16:44
sisalpThere are two accounts for paid VAT : recoverable and unrecoverable17:10
sisalpsemarie: looking at french plan, there is no account for unrecoverable VAT. I think you are right.17:22
sisalpsemarie: it is confirmed, unrecoverable VAT is just a part of price, and is not calculated separatly. In some cases, moves do not fit the invoice lines. In french :
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