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JanGBon my way to 36c3 migrating from 3.2 to trunk I have only on small question :)17:12
JanGBif I have fields in product.product - why ist the view of product.template complaining the absence of this fields?17:12
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cedkJanGB: because it is product that "inherit" from template19:12
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JanGBcedk: ok. so I need to read ...19:12
JanGBACTION we should do a OS ERP assambly 37c3- good music here and a bar nearby19:12
JanGBcedk: I think I do not understand - template should have the fields? but I need fields for each variant ....19:12
cedkJanGB: so put your field on product.product19:12
JanGBcedk: have it already on product.product - get this error when extending product_view_form19:12
JanGBI go read code before I asking next question :) possibly it is a misconfig of the views19:12
cedkJanGB: for me, it looks like you did not really add the field on the product.product19:12
JanGBcedk: To long working with tryton to fail on this :)19:12
JanGBcedk: got it - this was old legacy from 3.2 - I used product_form for template - dont remember why - solved19:12
JanGBACTION after a decade of absence asking such stupid questions ... migrating old project from 3.2 to 5.4 took 2 days - love it !19:12
JanGBSee you all in 2020 - good night and  best wishes from Leipzig. Going to dance, beats getting deeper and deeper ....20:12
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