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mrichezhi, for webapplication, is it normal generated key is always the same for each user for the same application ?  What do you think to add a button next the key  field to generate a new key ?15:05
cedkmrichez: what key?15:05
mrichezcedk: in res.user.application15:05
cedkmrichez: OK it is because you create multiple keys in one call15:05
mrichezcedk: heuu.. probably... so what do you think to add a button to generate a new key next the key field ?15:05
cedkmrichez: normally the creation is called by the route which create only a single key15:05
cedkbut we could fix it like we did for session:
cedkmrichez: I do not see the point to generate a new key15:05
cedkif the application needs a new key, it can request a new one15:05
mrichezcedk: ok if key is unique...15:05
mrichezcedk: indeed, in my case, i was in testing mode without application but with a rest plugin in firefox to test my routes... so i do the request for the key manually in tryton15:05
cedkmrichez: so in addition to override the create, we also need to make the default value not cachable by the client15:05
mrichezcedk: don't see cache ?15:05
mrichezcedk: preferences_cache ?15:05
cedkmrichez: the cache of default_get15:05
mrichezcedk: all default_... are in cache ? How to prevent to use cache ? Is there an example ?16:05
cedkmrichez: yes in modelsingleton.py16:05
mrichezcedk: ok thanks16:05
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