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mrichezhi, wondering why using some function with button decorator : ? just for adding some rights ? is it not useless as this method is only called in a wizard that could also have access rights?13:05
cedkmrichez: for access rights13:05
mrichezcedk: ok, but having access rights on the wizard is not sufficient ? assign_try function is called by default when launching the wizard so if you don't have rights to launch wizard, you can't execute assign_try.. no ?13:05
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cedkmrichez: we want to give the possibility to call it directly14:05
mrichezcedk: ok. Thanks for explanations!14:05
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mrichezis it possible to get current line selected in model to launch wizard on it ? For instance, shipment model has inventory_moves. Is it possible to get selected inventory move to launch wizard on it? Or the solution is to add button to launch wizard on each move ?15:05
cedkmrichez: no you can not know because it is not a state on the record16:05
mrichezcedk: ok... i'll do another way :-)16:05
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