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cedkIs there any one who got a good bootstrap theme that we could apply on the demo server?09:05
pokolicedk: we used one for but we ended up by building a custom one with our colors09:05
cedkpokoli: what was the problem with bootswatch?09:05
pokolicedk: IIRC none but we prefer to have our own colors09:05
pokolicedk: I'm not sure if it's the case of bootswatch but for our own theme we normally need to adjust some styles each version09:05
pokoliprobably it's a problem of our theme09:05
pokolifor example the last release I needed to adjust the header styles because they broke with the sticky header change09:05
cedkthis can happen but normally for standardized Bootstrap theme it should not (or maybe it is sao rules that are broken)09:05
pokolicedk: normally our issues are because the is a new rule on tryton which overrides our custom one. So most of the time is a problem on our side10:05
pokolicedk: I've seen your pool and I'm wondering if we should provide a demo for each theme10:05
pokolicedk: or at least for some of them10:05
pokolicedk: I fear that people will have a look only at the bootswatch website, and when applied on sao things may be very diferent10:05
cedkpokoli: I put a comment that they must test it10:05
cedka screenshot will not be enough, you need to use it10:05
pokolicedk: for example this is sao with paper theme (which has two votes now):
pokolii do not see any big diference with current design10:05
cedkpokoli: there are differences10:05
cedkpokoli: I do not think I can put screenshot in the poll but feel free to post a comment with screenshots10:05
pokolicedk: yes but the most notable diference is normally the font and just it10:05
pokolicedk: but what makes sao look nicer is the diferent colors (IMHO)10:05
cedkpokoli: we could add a color theme in extra10:05
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pokolicedk: Probably adding just a color on our base theme will do the trick10:05
cedka good base would be to use the one from www.tryton.org11:05
pokolicedk: but uses bootstrap4 and sao bs311:05
cedkI do not say to reuse the CSS but the base colors11:05
pokolicedk: then you will end up with a custom theme like we did11:05
pokolicedk: that's what we have:
pokolithe custom.css is available there11:05
cedkindeed bootswatch theme are bootstrap css build with some custom rules11:05
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