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CapitalistBobcathey folks, question, I just installed tryton in docker, activated country & currencies modules but they didnt import the country/currency lists it seems13:36
CapitalistBobcatthere are import scripts13:36
CapitalistBobcatbut they want a database name, and try to open sqlite for the default name13:36
CapitalistBobcatwhat am I missing13:36
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cedkCapitalistBobcat: how do you launch the scripts?14:30
cedkCapitalistBobcat: if you use exec, you must let / launch the script14:54
cedkCapitalistBobcat: but the simpler is to use "run"14:54
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CapitalistBobcatcedk: is this intended to run from e.g. docker-compose or something?21:27
CapitalistBobcatthis is how I'm supposed to invoke it right?21:32
cedkCapitalistBobcat: yes but you have to set the database name21:35
CapitalistBobcatif I pass "tryton" as an argument to the script it tries to open sqlite, is it supposed to be DSN or something?21:45
cedkCapitalistBobcat: indeed using "-d $TRYTOND_DATABASE_URI" should work21:51
cedkno it will not. It should be "-d $TRYTOND_DATABASE_URI/<database name>"21:52

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