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semariecedk: there is problem in commited changeset 985fe4c4707308:24
semarie+    <label name="payment_count" str+    <label name="payment_count" string="Count"/>08:24
pokolisemarie: Could you please create an issuee and propose a patch to fix it?08:38
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cedkf**k I do not know why be rietveld started to screwup patches09:02
cedkI wish one day there will be one good review software09:03
Timitosunfortunately all solutions are focusing on git09:07
cedkTimitos: there is even no good git solution09:08
TimitosIMHO i can live with the workflow of gitlab09:09
cedksemarie: I fixed it09:11
cedkindeed the problem is not in rietveld but with hg import09:36
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cedkfor the record:
cedkI modified my local install so it should not happen for now11:01
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semarieI have an unexpected error while doing trytond-admin -u account_payment (on tip)11:52
semariethe exception is AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute '_update'11:52
semarieit is on: cache[cls.__name__][data['id']]._update(data)11:52
semariethe backtrace is
semariedoes it makes ring some bell ?11:53
semarie(asking before opening an issue)11:54
semarieit occurs on others modules too (so not related to account_payment)11:56
semariebut still on Tag menuitem11:56
cedksemarie: trytond is not up to date11:57
semarieit should be. I am checking11:57
semarietrytond is at 22260a3783da (Use custom class to store record data)12:00
semarieI also check that my installed files are the right ones (checking sha1 of lib/python3.7/site-packages/trytond/
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cedksemarie: it was related to
cedkI fixed it12:13
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semariecedk: thanks for the quick fix12:55
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