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semarieI have a problem on client invoice (I will open an issue, but for now, I need quick workaround): I duplicated an alrady posted invoice and modified it. but the duplicata is still linked to original printed report10:07
semarieI recall that the cache could be cleaned, but not which field/table...10:07
semarieok, found it : invoice_report_cache_id10:07
pokolisemarie: this is already reported (and I think that fixed also)10:07
pokoliIt's missing the backport for released branches but it will be included on the next minor release of account_invoice10:07
semarieI am using tip branch10:07
pokolisemarie: then you should update as it's already on default branch10:07
semarieI am already using it (I updated 2 days ago)10:07
semarieI duplicated the invoice before that10:07
semarieso it is fine :)10:07
semariepokoli: thanks10:07
pokolisemarie: you are welcome. BTW you are using default branch on production? :O11:07
semariepokoli: yes. it is the best way I found to catch problem early :)11:07
pokolisemarie: great, we need more people like you that report bugs before they are included on stable branches11:07
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