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semariethe reconcile wizard when launched by account_statement 'Reconcile' button doesn't work anymore (issue9491). it is a regression from issue9421. any ideas on how to correct it ? it seems that there is a None in context.get('active_id') or context.get('active_ids')09:08
pokolisemarie: IIUC the problem is that issue9421 added some access check but this access is not set for the wizard so it fails09:08
pokolisemarie: did you debuged on which module the error is raised?09:08
semarieyes it is possible. but the error isn't an AccessError here.10:08
semarieit is on account_statement10:08
semariethe issue9491 has a backtrace10:08
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semariecedk: yes, do not append id_ if None resolve the issue. do you want to make a review or should I do it ?10:08
pokolisemarie: yes, it will be great if you upload a review that fixes the issue10:08
pokoliI do not see any reason to not do it :)10:08
semariepokoli: for me, because I don't found the problem, so it could make sense to have proper attribution :)11:08
pokolisemarie: you find it, you bisected it to the proper changeset and you tested that the suggested solution fixed it11:08
pokoliso most of the work is done by yourself :)11:08
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