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mrichezhi, wondering if help for secondary unit should not be reversed between rate and factor ? :
cedkmrichez: why? At least it is well the invert of the rate definition09:58
mrichezcedk: yes it's the invert but maybe i misunderstanding... For factor help is : coefficient(sale_unit)=1(secondary_unit) , for me this should be coefficient(secondary_unit) = 1 (sale_unit)10:01
cedkmrichez: why?10:02
mrichezcedk: in my case i define a product with Unit as Storage Uom... i'm using Gram as secondary Uom, and define Factor = 33  (as my unit weight 33 grams)...10:06
cedkmrichez: I do not understand, why is the definition wrong?10:09
mrichezcedk: in my case i would write 33 (gr) = 1 (unit)10:10
mrichezcedk: if i follow help it would be : 33 (unit)= 1 (gr)10:10
cedkmrichez: so where is the problem?10:20
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cedkthis is the same help as on unit factor and they are used the same way10:23
mrichezcedk: in the help text, secondary_unit should be in place of sale_unit (or maybe i'm totally wrong)10:23
cedkin compute_qty, it is "amount *= factor"10:26
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cedkmrichez: OK, I see the mistake, the help text is inverted10:28
mrichezcedk: :-)10:29
cedkwe must switch the help text between rate and factor10:29
mrichezcedk: that's what i thought ..10:29
mrichezcedk: i will open an issue10:30
cedkI think we must fix also the translations10:30
cedkto backport10:30
mrichezcedk: don't know how to do that, switching the help text will not be translated automatically ?10:32
cedkmrichez: no, the po file has a reference to the field name10:36
mrichezcedk: ok10:37
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