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mrichezhi, got "Unknown" for some actions on dev version in Sale form:    Is it linked to translations ?14:10
pokolimrichez: this is sstrange. Which action does it execute if you click it?14:10
mrichezpokoli: got this:
pokolimrichez: this is strange, there is no model named ''14:10
Timitosi can confirm that i have the "unknown" actions too14:10
mrichezi first thought it was linked on our customizations , but if Timitos has the same bug , it must be something else14:10
pokoliTimitos: mrichez are you both working on a existing database?14:10
mrichezpokoli: yes14:10
pokoliACTION is updating an existing database to latest trunk14:10
Timitospokoli: yes14:10
pokoliI can confirm that I can also reproduce the bug14:10
pokoliI think the problem is related to tryton links, which tryton tries to show them on the actions menu's because they are "a button"14:10
pokoliIt should be reproducible on a fresh database using sale module14:10
mrichezpokoli: do you create the issue ?15:10
pokolimrichez: could you please do it? I need to fix one bug on some of our customers custom code :P15:10
mrichezpokoli: ok :-)15:10
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cedkThe translations are ready for 5.8:
cedkI had to manually run msgmerge because for some reason it fails17:10
cedkI think it is because of concurrency updates on the same repository and the lock has a timeout of 120 seconds17:10
cedkso I guess it is not enough for the amount of repository17:10
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cedkbut I made a PR to be able to run it on all components easily17:10
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