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pokoliirker is generating wrong llinks on tryton-commit channel: For example
pokoliabout the new bugs template, i'm wondering if it will be possible to add some box or similar to the message header08:53
pokoliCurrently it's dificult to now which text is the message itself and which is just the header (autor and date)08:53
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mrichezhi, reviewbot seems not updating issue with review ? And when i try to manually update issue with review number got "An error has occured"09:25
cedkpokoli: should be fixed
cedkmrichez: should be fixed09:55
mrichezcedk: ok09:55
pokolicedk: I confirm it works as expected now. Thank you so much!09:55
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smorillohi! I'm getting unexpected behaviour on 5.4 creating sale lines by code when quoting a sale. Taxes of new line are not added15:43
smorilloit seems the cause is company is None and the tax company rule is filtering taxes of the product category15:44
smorillobut I don't know why company is None ...15:45
smorilloIf I create same line manually it works as expected15:47
cedksmorillo: it is probably that the company is missing in the context15:57
smorillohi cedk,  company is in the context but in the read method of "res.user" it is change by None value.15:59
cedksmorillo: so the user is not allowed to be in this company16:01
smorilloyes it is, as is the current user in the current company16:02
cedksmorillo: so it is the first option16:03
smorilloyes, company is None in context. But ... if I print context before calling on_change_product company has value16:11
pokolismorillo: is the line linked to sale? Does this sale have a company set?16:12
smorilloyes the sale is created and have the current company. In fact the line is created when clicking on "quote" button16:14
smorilloI made a new clean deployment and add the method directly in sale module, quote method16:24
smorillono custom modules. the problem persist16:24
smorilloa quickly test:
smorilloin the other hand the module sale_opportunity creates the line correctly16:27
pokolismorillo: did you tried setting the sale befor calling on_change product?16:28
pokolismorillo: ohh I see you set on the default method16:28
smorilloyes, sorry there is a mistake in var name16:29
smorillobut it is fixed and continue16:29
smorillofyi same code on 5.0 works16:53
cedkit is probably because product instance has the wrong context.17:02
cedkI think this have been fixed on latest version17:03
smorillothat is! Getting product from pool works17:04
cedkI think it is
smorillothanks guys! I'm all day with it ...17:08
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