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cedkIs someone has an idea how we could prevent users to report duplicate issues ?11:10
cedkFor some users it is almost 1 issue over 2 that are duplicates11:10
cedkthey clearly do not do their homework as a simple search using the main word of their report stop directly the issue11:10
cedkI think we need a kind of banishment11:10
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pokolicedk: the problem is that if we ban we may miss some no duplicated issues11:10
pokolicedk: discuss had a duplicate topic sugesstion dropdown, maybe we can do the same on roundup12:10
cedkpokoli: I already mark them as duplicate but what is annoying is that it keeps happening and mainly from always the same users12:10
pokoliYes, I know who are you talking about12:10
pokoliI do not know how to fix their behaviour.12:10
pokoliFor me it's a mather of not putting enought interest to ease other people's work12:10
springwurmProbable its possible to use the title of the newly created Issue and check whether there are any similar Issues and then display a message.12:10
cedkspringwurm: it will be worst to have false positive12:10
cedkfor me we can not automate that but we need a way to force bad user to behave correctly12:10
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pokolicedk: it is possible to temporary ban an user?12:10
pokolicedk: we may have the rule to ban users from reporting new issues if they had been reporting duplicaated issues12:10
pokoliNot sure if this will work, but it may be some kind of punishment to make them concious of they errors12:10
cedkthere is only a retirement feature by default12:10
cedkbut I guess it should be doable to add a ban date and have a detector to check it12:10
Timitosis it possible to use genshi directives in the email templates? i tried it but i did not succeed yet12:10
pokoliTimitos: which error did you have?12:10
Timitospokoli: no error just not the result. my directives seem to be treated as simple text12:10
pokoliTimitos: There is an example on the test suite:
Timitospokoli: i try to use conditional sections like this:
Timitosi just found out that Tryton is expecting Legacy Text Template Syntax:
Timitoscedk: why is the Legacy Text Template Syntax used but not the new one?13:10
cedkbecause Genshi is not clear about its legacy13:10
cedkwe just use TextTemplate which seems to be an alias to OldTextTemplate13:10
Timitosso we should switch from TextTemplate to NewTextTemplate i think13:10
Timitosto use the new syntax13:10
Timitosbecause they write: "If you are using the old syntax, it is strongly recommended to migrate to the new syntax."13:10
Timitosits a new feature. it is easy now to switch the syntax. later it would be more difficult13:10
cedkthey have the same feature and I find personally the new one bad as it requires to put \ at the end of every directive to remove its line13:10
cedkTextMarkup is used since 5.é13:10
cedkTextMarkup is used since 5.213:10
cedkit is supposed to be the new since 200713:10
cedkI do not think the old will be gone anytime soon13:10
cedkfor me we must use the standard TextTemplate13:10
cedkthe day it is changed, it will not be difficult to write a converter13:10
cedkbut feel free to write it now so we can change for the next release13:10
cedkHere is for the record:
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semariehow we complete "compoments" on bugs.t.o with the new version ?16:10
semarieI have no popup, neither autocompletion. I had to set the right value without hints...16:10
cedksemarie: yes it is the module names17:10
cedksemarie: indeed it was a known issue but upgrade to 2.0.0 and using jinja2 was more important19:10
cedkit will be great if someone could make a proposal to have a kind of auto-completion for these fields19:10
semariecedk: couldn't a <datalist/> be used ? or
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