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ioanpBeankylla you are at the right place09:43
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Beankyllaioanp, thanks!21:08
Beankyllado you mean i should use tryton or it's the right place to ask questions ? ;)21:09
ioanpBeankylla: Both. With the third you can do what you think21:35
ioanplook the modules
ioanpmake your own21:36
Beankyllai don't really have the skills or time to make my own module22:11
Beankyllai'm basically hesitating between a solution like this one, somewhat more complete22:11
Beankyllaand some other ones that are specifically designed for the use I am planning22:11
Beankyllabut they are more confidential / less pro22:11
Beankyllawhat do you mean by "with the third"?22:12

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