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fabixhello ; is there a sample web project which uses flask_tryton and web_user for authentication ? I can't find one...08:11
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pokolifabix: I'm not sure if there is any public but we have some projects using both08:11
pokolifabix: here is some code snippet from one of our projects
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fabixpokoli: thank you, it's a good start.09:11
fabixit's difficult to start with tryton ; I'm sure it's a good plateform but there is not enough documentation and examples for beginners09:11
fabixand some parts are outdated09:11
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cedkfabix: if you know some outdated official documentation, pleas submit a bug on
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pokolifabix: we know and we are working to improve our documentation for the next releases10:11
pokolifabix: but we have a helpfull community so if you ask your doubts here or in the discuss forum you will probably get some good replies10:11
pokolifabix: You can improve it by writing some howto on the forum about the flask_tryton and web_user autentication10:11
fabixpokoli: I know but it's very frustrating to not be able to start a little project without asking help11:11
fabixpokoli: your sample code is very usefull for me ; I think other people would have liked to have it to start11:11
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pokolifabix: feel free to share it on the forum if you think this is valuable for others :)12:11
fabixI'm not a real developer and a small complete project can't be put on a forum ; it should be in a documentation12:11
pokolifabix: the issue here is that you are using two separate components that are not directly related12:11
pokolifabix: I think this should be included as part of a how-to topic on the forum12:11
cedkflask-tryton not being a Tryton project, I do not think it must be documented by tryton.org13:11
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fabixmaybe on flask-tryton project ?13:11
PilouThere should be a better place than a pastebin :)13:11
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fabixwhere are documented modules methods on the web ? for example, for web_user, I only find the list by instantiating the class and by doing help(WebUser)14:11
fabixI thought the API section shows that, but not, is very short and doesn't show what can be done14:11
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cedkfabix: code is documented in the code16:11
fabixcedk: yes, but a lot of projects build automatically a html documentation by extracting that from the code16:11
cedkfabix: we do not but we do not use that16:11
cedkthe code is the best documentation and it is always accurate16:11
fabixI agree but when you want what a module can do, it's easier to read the methods on a web page instead of installing it, instantiating it, etc.16:11
cedkwe spend our free-time on what is useful for us16:11
fabixyes, I imagine that, but I think it prevents some developers to adopt the platform16:11
cedkfabix: but who cares? We do Tryton for us not for potential others16:11
fabixok ; so it's open source because it was initialy a fork of another GPLv2 project ?16:11
cedkfabix: I do not understand your reasoning16:11
fabixc'est trop dur l'anglais pour moi... en général, on met un projet en open source pour qu'il soit utilisé par d'autres, sinon on le garde propriétaire16:11
cedkfabix: so join #tryton-fr16:11
pokolifabix: I do not understand you last sentence in English17:11
pokolifabix: but open source is more about giving that asking others for doing thinks for you17:11
pokolifabix: I will like to have everything documented but we must invest our time on doing what is more usefull for the project17:11
pokolifabix: I prefer to have a new feature that it's usefull for our users than documenting something for developers17:11
fabixyes, you're right17:11
fabix"our users" is "our clients" ?17:11
pokolifabix: But it will be great if others can spend some time creating tutorials while we keep adding new features )17:11
pokolifabix: both of them17:11
nicoefabix: no "our users" == people using Tryton, but we rather spend our time writing code than documentation17:11
pokoliYes, people using Tryton is better described, thanks nicoe  :)17:11
fabixI imagine most users are using the Tryton client17:11
pokolifabix: we do not have data, but we have some customers that does not use the Tryton client, only the web client17:11
pokoliIndeed, most of our customers use sao17:11
pokolifabix: if you want to really work on documentation there is the Seasson of Docs topic with nices ideas:
pokoliUnfortunatly we only get one person to work on them, so we are currently working on the End User documentation for basic modules17:11
pokolibut if somebody is interested on working on some of the topics, I will find some time for mentoring17:11
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