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LordVanis it possible to feed trytond-console from stdin piping a script to it? -- alternatively i was just going to import my module and run the function from within trytond-console09:03
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semarieLordVan: yes you can feed trytond-console fro mstdin10:04
semariefrom stdin*10:04
semarieI am using it this way as part as my update script (sync out-of-sync records + update chart of accounts after updating database)10:05
LordVanah nice10:25
LordVanthanks semarie10:25
LordVanhmm why doesn't openoffice open the sale.fodt file included with tryton (or rather as plain text?)10:45
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LordVannever midn that12:26
LordVananyway I was trying to create my own report for sale12:26
LordVanis it not enough (for some first simple tests that do not require extra data) to  just create the odt file, upload it? I am getting a n error:12:27
LordVanI only made a documetn with one placeholder for sale.full_number (as the standard template contains that too)12:28
LordVanthen added it to the reports12:28
LordVanwhat am I missing?12:28
LordVanah wait12:47
LordVanthe xml file12:47
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LordVancan I just use the same data/xml from the sale report to make my own sale report?13:02
LordVanor do i still need to creaete the xml,.. ?13:02
cedkLordVan: I do not know what you call data/xml?13:13
LordVanor did i misunderstand something there13:14
LordVanand i don't need to make my own for my report?13:15
LordVancedk, from what I got from the docs I need to make my ODT template, upload it to tryton through the Admin UI part and then i can use it?13:18
LordVanor do i need to create a report XMLf ile to ?13:21
LordVanthough when i removed the placeholder fields and just put a normal odt without any fields it does make a file, but I get an error then from openoffice: Read-Error. Format error discovered in the file in sub-document sytles.xml at ...13:21
LordVanwhich is .. weird13:25
LordVanthough i did not load any styles since i did not have any13:25
LordVan(other than that i followed this :
cedkLordVan: looks like you template is corrupted13:35
LordVanmy template is a new odt just created with one "word" written in it13:35
LordVanand i did remove user data,.. as suggested in the docs13:36
LordVanthough what is causing me more problems even would be
LordVani don't understand why it doesn't know sale ?13:36
cedkLordVan: because there is not sale variable13:37
JanGBcedk: do you have a ready ear or are you on weekend chilling out?13:38
LordVancedk, yes. it seems i misunderstood something on how this works13:39
LordVanoh jes it is weekend13:39
LordVansorry to bother you today cedk13:39
LordVani had lost track of time /d ays of the week13:39
JanGBLordVan: :) pandemic week means schooling kids the weekdays and working on weekend13:40
LordVanno kids .. i've just been working monday to sunday13:42
LordVan(company officially closed, but i had to do lots of maintainance, server stuff setting up tryton , dolibar import, writing small modules,..13:42
LordVanso it comes down to .. I need this report working and i only just had time to look at reports haha13:42
LordVan(i need it monday really)13:43
JanGBLordVan: without knowing your report it looks like it is missing for "sale in records" or calling sale outside this loop13:45
LordVanJanGB, i was just looking at the report that comes with it since I was suspecting something like that13:45
LordVanjust that i cannot open the sale.fdot on my openoffice so i have to read the xml (which is fine too)13:45
JanGBfirst switsch to libreoffice like the devs of openoffice already have done :)13:46
LordVani prefer libre office13:47
LordVani just happen to have open office here13:47
LordVanbut i will swap as that is the only pc with openoffice13:49
LordVanI just hardly use any office products privately as i prefer text files,.. haha13:49
LordVanhmm this is odd14:15
LordVanI just decided to go with the simplest part14:16
LordVanjust dded company.rec_name as a placeholder14:16
LordVanbut it doesn't know company either14:16
cedkLordVan: no the top level of the report has only 'records' in the context14:46
cedkwhen I say context it is the evaluation context14:47
LordVanbut .. the standard sale template seems to access company.rec_name directly?14:47
cedkLordVan: because the Report class inherit from CompanyReport14:50
LordVanah but if i make my own report for and have company in there .. it does not know that?14:51
LordVancedk, what I mean is when adding the report using the client I did supply exactly the same information the original sale report had (except for the name itself)14:53
cedkLordVan: the name is what links to the Report class14:59
LordVancedk, i assume you mean the internal name (that is "" for the included report) ?15:09
LordVani used the same internal name as that report15:15
LordVanthe only difference is the file i uploaded and the report_name15:18
cedkLordVan: why do not you just change the existing report?15:23
LordVanwell i was planning to15:26
LordVanbut i need a second report there anyway so I thought i just add it now15:26
LordVanis there a problem with having two with the same name?15:26
cedkLordVan: no15:28
LordVanout of curiousity15:29
LordVani tried replacing the existing report15:29
LordVannow it generates it15:29
LordVanbut not with the second one15:30
cedkLordVan: I guess there is something wrong in the definition15:37
LordVan238     t       2021-01-09 11:19:59.643667      1       \N      verkauf test        \N      2021-01-09 11:20:48.325602      115:40
LordVan(from the DB dump)15:40
LordVan217     t       2021-01-03 14:52:22.309816      0       \N      Sale        \N      2021-01-03 14:52:22.309816      015:41
LordVanthe original one15:41
LordVanthe only differences are the uids15:42
LordVanand the id15:42
cedkLordVan: shoud also check ir_action_report16:05
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cedkLordVan: it is strange16:26
LordVanthe only (relevant) difference is the module column16:27
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