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samtcWhen I try to import a statement (Financials -> Statements -> Import Statement) I get the message "To import statement, you must create a journal for account "123-12345-1234567".01:01
samtcwhere should I create the Journal?01:01
samtcI have an account with that name01:01
samtcI tried to create a journal in Financials -> Configuration -> Journals -> Journals using the account name01:01
samtcI just found the scenario_account_statement_ofx.rst that could help01:01
samtc"The value for field "Bank Account" in "Statement Journal" is not valid according to its domain."02:01
samtcok, my bank account had the wrong owner!03:01
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LordVansince I did not find anything yet .. how can I use translations (of contact mechanism type) in reports?07:01
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pokoliLordVan: yes they can be used but you should create a translated property in the model08:01
pokoliLordVan: this is the example for identifier type:
pokoliLordVan: and then in the report you should use the translated property (type_string) instead of the original one (type)08:01
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LordVanpokoli, ah thanks ..10:01
LordVanI had looked if there was type_string but there was none10:01
LordVanthat said10:01
LordVanhow can i do string replacement ? is there some REPLACE function? didn'T see anythin gin genshi docs on a quick look over10:01
pokoliLordVan: you can do a function field to return whatever values you need10:01
LordVanpokoli, well i only want it at one place in the template so i'D prefer to do it in the odt directly10:01
LordVanlike i want sale.number "normally" at the top of the page just later on i need it with the '/' replaced with a '-' as it is a path10:01
pokoliLordVan: i do not understand what do you want10:01
LordVanwell I got my sale number which is ${year}/<number> and i want it on a report where it is part of a file system path - so i need to just have a string replace on the text (on the report itself)10:01
LordVanalternatively i could make this a seperate field on the sale though and use that .. might even be better .. hmm10:01
pokoliLordVan: on the report_name or in the reort content?10:01
pokoliLordVan: then you can use a python expression to replace it: sale.number.replace('/', '-')10:01
LordVanah i can do that?10:01
LordVanso just a placeholder with that text? or do i need to tell it it is an expression?10:01
pokoliLordVan: of course, genshi evaluates python expressions so you can do whatever you can do in a one-line expression10:01
pokoliLordVan: placeholder with that text10:01
LordVanyeah i have no prior experience with genshi10:01
LordVanthanks :)10:01
pokoliLordVan: other option is to use - as separator for the sequence10:01
pokoliLordVan: normally it's bettter to have the same value on tryton and on reports10:01
LordVanpokoli, well you probably know how it is with changing long-running conventions in companies ..10:01
LordVanand yes i agree10:01
LordVanbut the '/' is just an issue if you want to use it in file/folder names so10:01
LordVanotherwise we want the /10:01
pokoliLordVan: tryton uses the rec_name in report names. This means using the sale number for sale reports10:01
pokoliLordVan: but IIRC we slugify the name to avoid issues10:01
pokoliLordVan: software migration is a good excuse to change long-running conventions in companies :P10:01
LordVan: '2021/0001 [M20061-2460]'10:01
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JanGBpokoli: Bon dia10:01
JanGBpokoli: i search progressbar in roundup thinking that title is indexed10:01
pokoliJanGB: title is index, but by default only open issues are shown. So you should check the "All" button to include also resovled issues10:01
JanGBpokoli: ah - ok10:01
pokoliJanGB: Bon dia  or gutten morgen. what you prefer :P10:01
LordVanlooks like my hexchat font on windows is .. meh10:01
pokoliLordVan: i just see some non encoded charcters10:01
LordVanor japanese IME on hexchat on windows is meh10:01
LordVannever mind10:01
JanGBpokoli: The errror was reported from mac user after update client - possibly your patch is not included?11:01
pokoliJanGB: which tryon version?11:01
JanGBpokoli: 5.011:01
pokoliJanGB: 5.0 what else? The patch is included on 5.0.2611:01
pokoliJanGB: latests version of the series is 5.0.3011:01
JanGBpokoli: dont  know - he downloaded from top message and blamed me after :)11:01
JanGBpokoli: I will ask which version11:01
pokoliJanGB: ok. Upgrading to 5.0.30 should fix the issue11:01
pokoliJanGB: I've tested on tryton5.0 and I can reproduce it. I get a traceback when opening the projects11:01
JanGBpokoli: jupp11:01
pokoliJanGB: so probably we need to investigate if there is a problem with the backport or the issue has been reintroduced to tip11:01
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samtcUsing "sale_subsription" I created a subscription (start_date: 2021-01-01), but when I manually run the "Create Subcription Invoices" action, nothing happen16:01
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pokolisamtc: you should create first the consumptions16:01
samtcpokoli: yes, but it's the same, nothing happen16:01
samtcit works! consumption reference was missing16:01
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