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LordVancedk, yes it is used for a - possible- part of the order name07:01
LordVanso that is fine then07:01
LordVanand i have quite custom reports anyway07:01
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LordVani have a weird issue07:01
LordVani got my sale template with a for each="sale in records" .... /for07:01
LordVanand that works07:01
LordVanbut when I add a for each="line in sale.lines" .. /for07:01
LordVanright after the other for07:01
LordVan(and the closing right at the end)07:01
LordVanI get AssertionError: No common ancestor found for opening and closing tag07:01
LordVaneven without any other changes07:01
LordVan<for each="sale in records"><for each="line in sale.lines">07:01
LordVanif i copy paste07:01
LordVani am confused as to why.. any ideas?07:01
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pokoliLordVan: the error is because you have an open tag which is not closed.09:01
LordVanbut i closed both for ?09:01
LordVanso i do not understand why i get that error09:01
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pokoliLordVan: normaly is because there is another open tag which is not closed in order10:01
pokoliLordVan: you should check your template because the error is there for sure10:01
LordVanall i did was add taht 2nd for look to the template10:01
LordVani left it as-is from before10:01
LordVanso everything else is working10:01
LordVanand it works if i remove that again10:01
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Parviz_HHi All...11:01
Parviz_HAfter install tryton on gentoo " /etc/trytond " and " trytond.conf " not created by install process. this is normal? or Must be manually create?11:01
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LordVanthis is weird ..16:01
LordVan<for each="sale in records"><for each="line in sale.lines">16:01
LordVandoes not work16:01
LordVan(that is all in the whole template)16:01
LordVanAssertionError: No common ancestor found for opening and closing tag16:01
LordVanI see no reason why this fails ?16:01
pokoliLordVan: i think you should add a new line between both for loops16:01
LordVanyeah i was just testing that16:01
LordVanwhitespace works too16:01
LordVanweird though16:01
LordVanthink this is a bug with genshi?16:01
cedkLordVan: no it is because Relatorio tries to interpret the statement encoded in the text16:01
cedkand also it removes lines composed by only statement16:01
LordVanis that intentional?16:01
cedkso putting multiple statement on a line will drop some16:01
cedkLordVan: not intentional but it is the solution16:01
LordVan<if test=""><><for each="c in"> <c.type>: <c.value></for></if></for>16:01
LordVanworked fine16:01
cedkLordVan: I do not know what you are writing, because it is not ODT syntax16:01
LordVanthat is what happens when i copy paste from libreoffice16:01
LordVanto hexchat16:01
LordVaneach < ..> is a placeholder test ofc16:01
cedkLordVan: this means nothing as odt format is more complex16:01
LordVantrue but the template worked until I added the extra for each="line in sale.lines"16:01
LordVanso you are saying16:01
LordVanI should put only one for statement per line?16:01
LordVancedk, i pretty much copied stuff from the standard sale template16:01
cedkit is the safest16:01
LordVanbut then I'D end up with a lot of empty lines in my finished document that I don'T need nor want .. hmm16:01
LordVanI will experiment a bit more16:01
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