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sisalphello, someone experiments a "KeyError: 'ir.configuration'" at login time, but nothing in server log13:52
sisalpAny idea ? It happens with both sao and gtk  at this step :13:59
sisalp  File "/trytond/modules/", line 403, in _load_modules13:59
sisalp    Configuration = pool.get('ir.configuration')13:59
sisalp  File "/trytond/", line 187, in get13:59
sisalp    return self._pool[self.database_name][type][name]13:59
sisalptrytond is 5.814:00
sisalpthe user tried to install braintree and Vue StoreFront modules before, but I had to fix braintree and elasticsearch missing dependencies.14:02
sisalpThen login is failing14:02
pokolisisalp: did you restart the server?14:03
sisalppokoli: yes I did, and replayed sao setup.14:03
sisalppokoli: cjrv.w199.tryton-online.fr14:04
pokolisisalp: seems something wrong at database setup14:05
sisalppokoli : mistake in db or mistake in conf file ?14:05
pokolisisalp: mistake on the pool init becaue it fails when getting the first model from there14:06
sisalppokoli: you mean db is broken ?14:06
sisalppokoli, the problem happens whatever I put in the login field14:07
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sisalppokoli:  I get only this in log : 31999 140576356419328 [2021-01-25 14:07:10,337] INFO trytond.modules all modules loaded14:09
pokolisisalp: My guess is that the modules are still in "to be activated" on the database14:09
pokolisisalp: so the pool can not be initialized14:09
sisalppokoli: it makes sens, since activation failed14:10
sisalppokoli: should I patch the db somewhere ?14:12
pokolisisalp: you should launch trytond-admin to activate the braintree and vsf modules and then restart the server14:12
pokolisisalp: or if you do not want to install them just mark then to not activate14:13
sisalppokoli: is it -u to activate a module ?14:14
pokolisisalp: yes, it is to activate and also to upgrade14:16
sisalppokoli : magic !14:23
udonosisalp: hi, additionally you can add  --activate-dependencies14:24
sisalpudono: in which case can it be useful ? does it mean to activate also required trytond modules ?14:31
udonosisalp: yes14:34
udonosisalp: if you say -u party on a blank database, --activate-dependencies will also install country without request.14:35
mrichezhi need some help with proteus. I have a small script which create products from a database. It's still working except to create variant code... Small part of the working code which was working:
mrichezWhat am i doing wrong ?14:59
mrichezhum, code is readonly in product model...15:04
mrichezhow do i proceed to create a template (name) with a variant  (code)?15:15
cedkmrichez: you fill the suffix_code15:16
mrichezcedk: just saw that in database. Thanks!15:16
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