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Hirschbeutelcedk: going to start the migration of my shop module and would like to base it on yours - so one question: do you  think the web_shop module is finsihed in funtionality and everyting new should go to extensions? Or are you thinking about things that should be  included in the core module?12:27
cedkHirschbeutel: I have no opinion on that12:28
Hirschbeutelok - so I have to decide :)12:31
cedkHirschbeutel: I would say you can propose ;-)12:32
HirschbeutelACTION need to change nick from JanGB to Hirschbeutel because of the my matrix bridge12:33
Hirschbeutelcedk: will propose in discuss - there is one thing which is more general (attributes on products, templates, catgories) - the most of the other stuff is more or less marketing stuff and can go to a web_shop_marketing module12:35
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pokoliHirschbeutel: how do you manage product images on webshop?13:36
HirschbeutelI have a module which stores the value of the binary to a sshfs folder. on save a couple of sizes are generated and also transformed to webp. For this I use a field.Function(field.Binary) which handles all the stuff.13:39
Hirschbeutelits a own class for Images - since in my shop you can also upload banners, advertising etc from tryton side13:40
Hirschbeutelthe images are linked to categories, templates, advertisingobjects via field Reference - finally mostly the same like attachment13:43
HirschbeutelAnd I think to switch to attachment because of the drag and drop functionallity13:43
Hirschbeutelbut - one need to divide commercial attachments from public attachments :)13:44
pokoliHirschbeutel: we have a custom module for flask web shops where we use attachments:
Hirschbeutelbetter to have this wonderful drag and drop function of attachments in the form view :)13:45
pokoliHirschbeutel: we've added a checkbox on attachments to decide if an attachment is an image or not13:46
pokoliHirschbeutel: image handling is the only part that I'm currently missing on tryton as webshop backend13:46
Hirschbeutelpokoli: yeah - good way. I think its better to say public - since there are possibly manuals as pdf13:47
Hirschbeutelpokoli: why not "if public" push it in the world after some transformations13:48
pokoliHirschbeutel: you can always publish it somewhere once you know what to publish :)13:49
pokoliHirschbeutel: even if you use some S3 compatible backend for storage they can be made public if you access it using the ID13:50
Hirschbeutel@pokoli: yes - there are a lot of ways13:50
Hirschbeutel@pokoli: I serve them by my own - so I decided to use sshfs which is served directly from a webserver13:52
pokoliHirschbeutel:your webshop and tryton services run on separate servers?13:54
pokoliHirschbeutel: on same server they can be served directly if we have the right file13:55
Hirschbeutel@pokoli: Ich habe das nur getrennt, um das Storage der Bilder von dem der Attachments zu trennen. Nun vermisse ich die coole Funktion vom attachment, die es damals noch nicht gab13:55
pokoliHirschbeutel: ich verstehe dich nicht13:56
Hirschbeutelpokoli: haha - wrong side of translater13:56
HirschbeutelI only separated this to separate the storage of the images from that of the attachments. Now I miss the cool function of the attachment, which did not exist at that time13:56
pokoligreat, now I understand13:57
pokoliHirschbeutel: indeed I like your idea of having public attachments. It can be used to share a file to anyone13:57
pokoliHirschbeutel: i do not think it will be hard to implement with the routes feature13:58
Hirschbeutel@pokoli:yes - good feature13:58
Hirschbeutelpokoli: and the shop is running on two separated servers loadbalanced and tryton very quiet on its own14:00
Hirschbeutelsame as in the vue implementation of cedk : only user management and sales needs to communicate with tryton14:01
Hirschbeutelpokoli: and in a future the search, but I'm not quite convinced yet to this :)14:03
pokoliHirschbeutel: I'm a little bit scared about how full text search will perform on translations when the ir_translation table is big14:06
pokoliHirschbeutel: but I do not think it should be an issue14:07
pokolicheck customer database with 120k products (selling T-shirts, a lot of variants) and translation table is just 83MB14:08
pokolionly using spanish for now.14:09
HirschbeutelI push a document to redisearch - this performs well and I dont need to worry about it14:10
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cedkhtgoebel: please stop reverting changes on the tracker done by core developers20:26
cedkhtgoebel: we have rules and practice so respect them20:27
Hirschbeutel@pokoli: awake?20:40
Hirschbeutel * pokoli:  awake?20:40
cedkHirschbeutel: if you want to test has its search based on fulltext of PG20:42
Hirschbeutelcedk: nice - the new implementation?20:46
cedkHirschbeutel: yes, I often backport to old version the new features that I implement20:46
cedkso it runs in production even before it is committed in Tryton ;-)20:47
Hirschbeutelcedk: thats the way I do all my stuff and ist never commited to tryton :)20:47
Hirschbeutelcedk: search while typing whould be a peace of sugar to your search20:48
cedkHirschbeutel: customer has asked that for a future improvement20:51
Hirschbeutelcedk: its easy to implement via ajax (do not forget to abort the request 😉20:51
cedkHirschbeutel: it does not support websearch query because the database is too old so it is only plain query20:53
Hirschbeutelcedk: ok20:54
Hirschbeutelcedk: postgres does not have the top XX result feature?20:54
cedkHirschbeutel: do not know what it is20:56
Hirschbeutelcedk: I use this and hen I extend the length with the number of letters20:56
cedkHirschbeutel: which length?20:57
Hirschbeutelcedk: the length of the results to return20:57
cedkwhat I did:20:58
cedk* fill a full text index tsvector table with the content of the product page (higher weight for the name and lower for the description)20:59
cedk* fill a word table with the word extracted from the text index20:59
cedkfor a search request:20:59
cedk* I replace all words with similar (0.3) word found in the word table21:00
cedk* parse the string replaced as a tsquery21:00
Hirschbeutelcedk: oh - ok21:00
cedk* search by matching tsvector with tsquery and order by relevance21:00
cedkThe only problem is that it fails on query like "coco" does not find "coconut" if we also have "coco" as word21:02
cedkwhat I'm missing is prefix operator in websearch to tsquery21:03
Hirschbeutelcedk: wildcard?21:04
cedkso the tsquery for "coco" would be "coco:*"21:04
Hirschbeutelyes - what is the problem to extend it with this?21:05
cedkHirschbeutel: there is not function to change stems this way21:05
cedkI could write a tsquery directly but it is safer to use websearch/plain with external inputs21:06
cedkACTION bbl21:07
Hirschbeutelcedk: ok21:07
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