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cedkACTION wish that complaining takers, just leave us09:23
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Hirschbeutelcedk: we should do a virtual unconference by videochat - not talking, only drink some beers and eating good food watching each other :)11:01
pokoliHirschbeutel: I completly agree11:05
pokoliHirschbeutel: I was thinking in organizing some virtual unconference on a single day11:05
pokoliSo community can share their toughts and progresses.11:06
Hirschbeutelinteresting that at fosdem there where a couple of talks how to handle annoyance while building communities and how to handle when you you are tired :)11:12
pokoliHirschbeutel: wow, are the recorded?11:13
HirschbeutelI think so11:13
HirschbeutelAnd I chatted with a guy from postgres - he had a talk about democracy in postgres and it was very interesting11:15
Hirschbeutelimpressive how they are handling this stuff ...11:15
Hirschbeutelhere is the talk: - but he starts with a general view11:17
cedkHirschbeutel: will look at it but I doubt that democracy is the way to go11:18
HirschbeutelI prefer dictatorship if I'm the leader :)11:19
cedkwe always targeted meritocracy but some think they do not need to merit11:20
Hirschbeutelcedk: I don't know - but the interesting is, that this topics are discussed more often on open source conferences11:21
pokoliIndeed we all asumed that we are under Benevolent Dicattator for life11:21
pokoliMaybe we should add ours into the wikipedia page:
pokoliOr at least document our structure somewhere like done on dolibar11:23
pokoliI guess we will need such reference to be included in wikipedia11:24
HirschbeutelIs there something like a court fool in our community?11:24
HirschbeutelI would candidate ..11:24
pokoliHirschbeutel: and which will be the task of the court fool?11:29
HirschbeutelKeep fun in everything and don't take it too hard11:37
cedkHirschbeutel: hard to keep it fun when you have annoying takers complaining always11:38
HirschbeutelLife time is too valuable to spend it sourly - so see it as a other view on the same thing. and I think there is always a reason in a complaint - sometimes it is not visible at first view11:42
pokoliHirschbeutel: it will be great if you can manage to convert complaints into funny facts11:42
Hirschbeuteland even it is wrong it shows a way to have a view from an other point11:43
cedkHirschbeutel: yes it is another view but most of the time just selfish11:44
cedkthe problem is not really having different views, it is good and enriching (most of improvements come from there)11:44
cedkthe problem is that some are always fighting for the same thing and without any compromising11:45
cedkand on top of that they do not contribute11:45
Hirschbeutelif you are convinced, you should also fight without attacking11:46
Hirschbeutelnot you - each11:46
cedkalways finding fake pretext to not contribute11:46
HirschbeutelI can say from my own: if I start an idea it will be in the core when I'm finsihed :)11:47
cedkHirschbeutel: at some point if you do not agree with the way the project is going, you just have to start your own not being a minority complaining11:47
HirschbeutelI dont think so - it's like a family - you will hate them from time to time, but you cant leave without a broken heart11:48
udonoHirschbeutel: prrrr, so sweet.11:49
cedkwell some are not part of my family since a long time11:50
Hirschbeutelfamily is a bit over the top :)11:50
Hirschbeutelcedk: they are - wicked mother in law11:52
Hirschbeutelcedk: and this for years without leaving - so this a bit like a unbalanced love affair11:53
cedkHirschbeutel: well at least on discourse you can mute them :-)11:54
Hirschbeutelbut on christmas you must give them a present as well11:55
HirschbeutelI want a dop widget for binaries11:58
cedkHirschbeutel: ?11:59
HirschbeutelI was talking with pokoli how they are handling shop images12:00
Hirschbeutelhe uses the ir.attachment - i use a binary with setter and getter in a own model12:01
Hirschbeutelthe good in attachment is the possibility to drop more than one12:01
cedkHirschbeutel: Binary and Image widgets are DnD aware12:01
Hirschbeutelsince which version?12:02
cedkbut I guess you would like to have it on One2Many to create a new record with the binary filled12:02
HirschbeutelI was asked - did'nt know12:02
cedkHirschbeutel: a long time ago12:03
Hirschbeutelcedk: yes - I think its not in teh scope of tryton - I think about a webview for this usecase12:03
Hirschbeutelcedk: its very particular - but when starting a new season in our case its first only pushing data - after that you refine them step by step12:04
cedkI think we could manage like the avatar but using a One2Many with some meta data like format/ratio, usage etc.12:04
cedkso having DnD on such One2Many will be nice12:05
Hirschbeuteli have sequence and caption - ratio I will add :)12:07
Hirschbeutelonly for google and core vitals, the new pain12:08
HirschbeutelDND on one2many would be realy nice - but so we are on the start of this: contribution :)12:10
Hirschbeutelstill migrating and separate to  smaller modules12:12
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Hirschbeutelmy shop  is a monolithic monster12:13
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pokoliHirschbeutel: I agree that the avatar desing can be used for webshop images14:20
pokoliIt's on my list of work to be done on the future14:21
pokolibut I find myself moderating the forum more than often and which removes my time to work on interesting features14:21
cedkpokoli: indeed a small portion of the community is draining down a lot of enthusiasm14:27
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pokolicedk: I had same feeling some days ago but know I see there is much people joining efforts to keep improving Tryton14:56
pokoliso we just need to forget about draning people and focus on the ones that are putting efforts in the right way14:57
cedkpokoli: of course thanks to "silent" feature14:58
cedkbut it is not always enough and also we need sometimes to fix their bad behavior to not affect the others14:58
cedkand that is time consuming14:58
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Hirschbeutelpokoli: gimme link to the avatar stuff - I missed it somehow? What, where, can I help? 🙂 I just migrating my image module - possibly I should base it on something new16:49
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pokoliHirschbeutel: search is your friend:
Hirschbeutelpokoli: I always fail searching on bugs :)16:51
Hirschbeutelmuchas gracias - if you need a link I will search it or you next time16:52
HirschbeutelI saw this as headline - but I thought its only using gravatar - ok16:57
pokoliHirschbeutel: there was a future work on the blueprint to allow to manage image17:02
Hirschbeutelcedk: I see - a bit smilar to my implemenation - ist has also parameters for size17:05
Hirschbeutel * cedk: I see - a bit smilar to my implemenation - it has also parameters for size17:05
Hirschbeuteloh sorry pokoli17:06
Hirschbeutelok - will follow17:06
cedkHirschbeutel: for me with such cache, same design is usable for webshop as long as it is coupled with a CDN or a reverse-proxy doing cache17:07
cedkbut the hard part is to get good flexible metadata schema that is easy to use on webshop (or other)17:07
Hirschbeutelminimal set  - extensible as custom module like always. I have caption (talking name for SEO) and a sequence to sort them17:09
Hirschbeutelyou mentioned dimensions - this is good for weboptimzing, but a ratio should be enough17:10
HirschbeutelI have a setting in shop where you can define imagesizes17:11
Hirschbeutelthey are generated on upload and accessible with a marker17:11
cedkHirschbeutel: I do not think caption is needed or usefull because we will serve only the binary image17:12
Hirschbeutelcedk: yes - but I need this for SEO reasons17:12
cedkHirschbeutel: indeed the idea is to resize on request (and store in cache) but we should be able to request for example the first square image of a product or the second 16x9 etc.17:13
cedkHirschbeutel: the caption is the job of the website framework (usually it should be the product name)17:13
Hirschbeutelcedk: you are right - I would not expect it in core17:15
Hirschbeutelcedk: but real SEO-Freaks are working a lot with captions to rank in image searches17:16
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cedkHirschbeutel: OK maybe we could have a description field and provide a API to get the description using the same parameter as the URL17:18
Hirschbeutelcedk: resizing on upload I choosed because I save a big (mostly original) one - than i generate the sizes, converting them to webp and other imageoptimizations - its nice to have them in one function an I can rerun them on all images17:18
HirschbeutelI return [(name, caption)] - in future [(name, caption, ratio]17:19
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pokoliACTION had connection issues and lost the conversation :(17:20
Hirschbeutelonly the name - the frontend than can decide which size by asking the settings loaded on startup17:20
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cedkHirschbeutel: for me the same image could be used in different cases with different sizes17:21
Hirschbeutellike url/++name17:22
cedkfor example you will use the <picture/> with different <source/> depending on the screen size17:22
cedkand as trytond will be agnostic about the website, it can not do the sizing in advance17:23
Hirschbeutelyes - I do the same - on upload a folder is created and all the sizes are placed in it - eg: ++name.jpg, name.jpg, +name.jpg17:24
HirschbeutelI pass only the name in the product dictionary and the frontend decides which to use17:24
Hirschbeutelwhich size17:25
cedkHirschbeutel: look how I did for avatar, I really think it can be done the same but adding the format17:25
Hirschbeutelyes - the format could be a additional - but I think as ratio17:27
Hirschbeutelno - the image size setting knows it already17:27
Hirschbeutelwhy I dont use it by my own :D17:28
Hirschbeuteli'm so stupid - hihi17:28
Hirschbeutelso the name is enough and a possible caption17:29
Hirschbeutelwhat do you mean as format? content-type?17:29
cedkHirschbeutel: There is a solution to find to manage ratio. For example you want a square image in thumbnails so it should returns you the best option17:30
Hirschbeutelyes - this all is defined in my settings17:32
Hirschbeutellike "scale to width", scale to height, scale both17:32
Hirschbeutelscale to square than is a setting in one of the general imagesettings17:33
HirschbeutelI generate them all on upload and do not care if they are needed in a special case - and if the image is deleted, I delete the folder17:35
Hirschbeutelfor example webp is generated for all sizes automaticly, but there is also a jpeg/png for older browsers/other devices17:36
Hirschbeutelthe good in this design is simply to have one entry in tryton - user don't know what happens in the setter function17:38
cedkHirschbeutel: indeed we could also resize/crop for the requested size17:38
cedkso I guess what will be needed is tags to define in which case the image can be used17:38
cedkand a sequence for the order17:39
Hirschbeutelyes - you can do everything you want if you have a setter funktion17:39
Hirschbeutelwatermarks, color manipulation or what strange idea we can have - and this is handled by the setter of one binary17:40
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Hirschbeutelnow I need to think what to extract first - my image handling or the attributes by category :)17:41
Hirschbeutelmy image has caption/sequence/reference17:42
Hirschbeutelreference is mostly a template and banners for category17:43
Hirschbeutelsometimes my users are uploading an image without a reference to use it somewhere at the page  - because is more easy than uploading them in the frontend :)17:44
Hirschbeutelmisused as imageserver :)17:45
Hirschbeuteland next question is enabling tryton as a headless cms17:46
Hirschbeutel🙂 so tryton will become mediaserver, contentprovider and erp finally - a moloch like zope was on its end :)17:47
HirschbeutelMissing question: can I use tryton as an email client :D17:52
Hirschbeutelcedk: ok - the avatar review is more or less the one for images :)18:00
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Hirschbeutelcedk: I checked today the sale_point - if you find the time, can you explain what you are missing? I would add a webfrontend to add some ux - but I do not missing function on first test18:26
cedkHirschbeutel: check the TODO comments18:42
Hirschbeutelcedk: ok18:51
Hirschbeutelcedk: checked18:51
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