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LordVani got a question18:02
LordVanI want to move the warehouse label/field from the sale_form to somewhere else18:02
LordVanwhat would be the correct way to do this?18:02
LordVanor rahter how can i remove that from the form - i know how to add elsewhere18:02
Hirschbeutelreplace where you normally put after, before18:02
Hirschbeuteland than nothing in the node18:02
Hirschbeutel<xpath expr="your/expression/to/find/warehouse"  position="replace"></xpath>18:02
LordVanso <xpath expr="/form/notebook/_page/field[@name='warehouse']" position="replace" />18:02
LordVanah yes18:02
LordVancool easier than i had thought. thanks i shall test nright now18:02
Hirschbeuteltest, 1, 2, 318:02
LordVananyway that work fine thanks18:02
LordVani assume i just change field to label to remove that too18:02
LordVanmy XML + XPATH + FOP times many years ago finally paying off (learning xpath)18:02
Hirschbeutelif you change field to label the field will reappear :D19:02
LordVannot if i copy it first19:02
LordVani know19:02
LordVanI plan to make a module for "materials" (as in production / sale materials) .. is that something that could be interesting for tryton in genral? -- effectively i am modeling it after the country module with just different data fields of course19:02
LordVani am just unsure how useful it would be for people in general19:02
LordVanin my case it will contain different types of metal,.. to be referenced from sale_line and later maybe production19:02
Hirschbeutelif it is production there is  BOM for that19:02
LordVani need it in sale_line too19:02
LordVannot using production module for now19:02
LordVan(and if I use it int he future is still uncertain)19:02
HirschbeutelI have bind it to project (cedk does not like that) - on the project I book used material19:02
Hirschbeuteland there is a blueprint for services - one moment19:02
Hirschbeutelyou are selling a repair service with some parts if I stalked you right19:02
LordVanproduction mostly19:02
LordVanbut also repair19:02
LordVanthat said i already need the material added to sale_line when the sale is created - to create production documents19:02
LordVanwhen you wonder why your new fields on SaleLine are not found19:02
LordVanonly to realize .. that class is not registered in __init__.py19:02
HirschbeutelI also register production/service information on sale lines and pass them to a production document - but it will be hard, or make this generic ...19:02
LordVanthe thing is for me using production for every order is approximately 500% overkill19:02
LordVani just add extra fields there19:02
LordVanI *might* later on fill in those fields from production for some (repeated) articles19:02
LordVanbut for now it is just pointless as the administrative extra work is worth more than some parts would cost lol19:02
LordVanwork time i mean19:02
Hirschbeutelyes -we are doing like this. predefined processes versus information recorded on sales19:02
Hirschbeutelbut there is a constraint to not confirm a sale before before requirements fullfilled19:02
Hirschbeutelpossible better to use sale_opportunity for that19:02
Hirschbeutelbut than you need the same constraints to convert it to a sale and a production document19:02
Hirschbeuteland link them and update the sale if something changed in production process - its not easy to code this for variable processes19:02
LordVani looked at sale_opportunity19:02
LordVani think it would only make my changes/additoins more spread out and complicated tbh19:02
Hirschbeutelyes - this is a possible issue with this - depends on company size I think19:02
LordVanand apart from generating the docs all of the production process is documented on paper20:02
LordVanfor metal sheet thickness (which can be 1.00 1.25 1.2 ,.. basically a decimal with a precision of 2 ) is it beter to use float or numeric?20:02
LordVanI'm leaning towards Numeric, but unsure which is actually better20:02
Hirschbeuteldepends of what calculations precision you need20:02
LordVanno calculations at all20:02
LordVanit is just to identify the material thickness20:02
Hirschbeutelthen a float is good enough20:02
LordVanat most at some point i might calculate weight but i doubt anytime soon20:02
LordVani thought that too but wasn't sure if there are any notable differences otherwise20:02
Hirschbeutelyes - but with floats as well20:02
Hirschbeutelits a rounding precision isssue - monetary should always use numeric20:02
LordVanor i could use an integer and just shift the comma20:02
Hirschbeutelno - why20:02
LordVanint is faster than float lol20:02
LordVani don't care if i (internally) store the thickness in  mm or mm * 10^-220:02
Hirschbeutelif you are vokswagen this could matter20:02
LordVanlol nope20:02
LordVani am just "old style" i guess who prefers to use int over float20:02
LordVanassembler /C / .. times XD20:02
LordVanon 80286,..20:02
LordVanor microcontrollers20:02
LordVansometimes my thinking is still influenced by programming microcontrollers in assembler .. there i would definitely opt for using int > float anytime20:02
LordVanbut you are right i'd just make my job more difficult in the end for no noticeable gain20:02
Hirschbeuteland you will use int for a float :)20:02
LordVani just notices fields.Float does have a digits parameter so all good ;)20:02
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