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cedkACTION wish people will actually learn the forum format and check the rendering08:18
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pokolicedk: maybe we should add some link to
cedkpokoli: it is a lost cause, I have been editing post of the same users over and over08:33
cedkpeople are just lazy and do not care08:34
pokoliI've been posting from my phone last days and I see there are a lot of typos you and dave fixed. Thanks for that08:34
pokolicedk: so if they do not care we should not care also08:35
HirschbeutelTo be fair: We also had to learn first that formatting is an essential element for clarity08:36
cedkpokoli: the forum is our common knowledge if we do not care of it, it will become pointless08:38
pokolithen I think we should have the guide, and flag posts (without hiddin them) to make the users aware about the formating08:40
cedkpokoli: there is already an onboarding guide in standard08:40
pokoliSo intead of editing for them, we make them aware of the best practices and that they should follow08:40
pokolicedk: I guess most of people do not read the guide08:41
cedkpokoli: when editing they get notified so they should learn from it08:41
pokolicedk: then the only option is punishment: After some wrong posts if they do not edit we should flag and ask them to use the right format to contribute on the formum08:42
pokoliit's moreless that we are doing with code, if a patch does not follow pep8 we do not include them (and we adapt it latter if required)08:43
pokoliI do not see more options there08:43
cedkpokoli: problem is to keep track of that per user08:44
cedkfor now usually I just fix the formatting but if it is a support I do not answer directly even if I know08:45
cedkto keep track there is on the user profile the notification per edits08:46
cedkthis can give some hint08:47
Hirschbeutelcedk: why not sending a Notification: "Hi, like your post but I start crying reading it' - positive feedback?08:47
pokolicedk: There is an option to add a staff notice to the post, so the users knows08:47
Hirschbeutelcedk: because if you are editing the user never will learn it.08:48
HirschbeutelACTION funny that as a slob, badly formatted code now bothers me too08:50
pokolicedk: on the other hand, we may start using the Lounge (which is restricted to moderators) to discuss this features08:51
htgoebelGood Morning,08:56
htgoebelmy model has a "active" field. How can I make this True by default?08:56
htgoebel(I tried default_active, but this this not work for me)08:56
pokolihtgoebel: this is managed by DeactivableMixin automatically, you do not need to care08:56
htgoebelIC. thnx. I added the field myself instead of using DeactivableMixin08:57
cedkpokoli: Lounge is not restricted to moderator but to level 3, it is Staff that is09:09
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cedkhtgoebel: why are you removing me from the nosy list?12:47
htgoebelcedk: Not intentionally.12:54
cedkhtgoebel: you just ignore the warning of the application!12:55
htgoebelcedk: I might not have read the warning in all detailes12:56
htgoebelcedk: Obviously roundup's conflict resolution could be improved :-)12:57
cedkhtgoebel: it is always the fault of others12:59
cedkACTION last comment12:59
htgoebelcedk: "No special case" means: tracebacks are always output, even if the error is handled?13:00
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cedkhtgoebel: there is no point to fill and discuss such thing as long as there is no patch submitted (following our process)13:11
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pokolihtgoebel: how we will know which attribute to fix without the traceback?13:22
pokolihtgoebel: in your case you wrote a "sequenc" attribute while it should probably be "sequence"13:23
pokoliI read all this inforamtion for the traceback and I will miss without them13:23
pokoliThis is extremly usefull when helping users on the forum13:23
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htgoebelpokoli: I totally agree on tracebacks being extremely useful for debugging.14:10
htgoebelAnyhow in this case a very useful error message is logged just above the traceback already.14:10
htgoebelSo the error case is handled and even converted into a very useful message. You can see this in, which I just added for the records.)14:10
htgoebelI did not recognize this error message due to this *long* traceback - and this is why I did not put it into the issue at the first place.14:10
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pokolihtgoebel: IIUC the problem is that the error message is duplicated?14:20
pokolihtgoebel: i'm unable to reproduce the issue....14:33
htgoebelpokoli: I'm going to try creating a reproducible case - will take some day, though.15:49
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pokolihtgoebel: It's always good to have some steps to reproduce when creating a bug so others can easly reproduce15:50
pokoliSincerly, when I go for fixing bugs I always pick the ones that are easier to reproduce for me15:50
pokolibecause I prefer to spend my free time coding than reproducing strange bugs :)15:51
htgoebelpokoli: Fair enough :-)15:51
htgoebelpokoli: This is no urgent anyway, which is by I filed it as "feature"15:52
pokolihtgoebel: if not urgent better to take your time to create a complete bug report ;)15:59
pokolihtgoebel: you have to note that once you hit the create bug I get a mail on my mailbox which has a high change of been read on the same day :)16:00
htgoebelpokoli: Will do next time. Thanks for nagging :-)16:09
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