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LordVanquick question15:03
LordVanIf i have sale lines that I want there for processing,.. but not for delivery nots or invoices15:03
LordVanand I do in the end write my own class to create the delivery notices/invoices filteringo ut the "extras"15:03
LordVanis there anything i would have to watch out for?15:03
LordVan[reason is that I want to have sale lines for stuff that is part of one original order position/sale_line]15:03
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srgdtsLordVan: Where from do you get these SaleLines from? From a Sale?17:03
LordVansrgdts, the plan is i enter the sale lines in the sale manually (well not me but you get what i mean)18:03
LordVanand thee will be a tickbox or some other way to disable the extras showing up on the delivery notes and invoices18:03
LordVani was just unsure if there could be some side effects of having more sale_line entries than lines on the invoice later on18:03
LordVanthat said18:03
LordVanthere are partial invocies and stuff too so hmm18:03
LordVanwith that in mind18:03
LordVanI will just set up some test install for trying this out i suppose18:03
LordVangotta go now18:03
srgdtsLordVan: Check process method of Sale class18:03
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