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mrichezHi, wondering the use of the methods defined here :    and here:
mrichezas they are redefined inside each class12:03
udonomrichez: IMHO it looks like you found duplicated code13:03
mrichezudono: my thought too :-)13:03
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pokolimrichez: the method is declared outside of the class because it is reused on both classes14:03
pokolimrichez: so the method inside the configuration class is duplicated14:03
pokolimrichez: it will be great if you can submit a patch to remove them :)14:03
mrichezpokoli: :-)14:03
mrichezpokoli: but method outside the class should be a method with a method inside like for sale:
pokolimrichez: no, because the field name is fixed on the groping modules14:03
pokolimrichez: on the sale example the field to be computed changes depending on the field_name argument14:03
pokolithe method returns another method because the method is diferent depending on the field_name14:03
mrichezpokoli: ok14:03
mrichezin xpath is it possible to create a node conditionally ? i mean one tryton module adds a separator in a tab, in another module i would add a field under this separator but those modules are not dependent. How to check if this separator exists to add my field after this separator ?16:03
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pokolimrichez: you can use view_attributes to only include the xpath when the module is activated16:03
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pokolimrichez: are you facing this problem with tryton standard modules? or two custom modules?16:03
mrichezpokoli: tryton standard modules: sale_shipment_grouping introduce a "shipment" separator in the "sale" tab on the party form, i would like to add sale_shipment_cost_method a this place (feature on sale_shipment_cost)16:03
mrichezpokoli: this issue
pokoliI see, so we have two modules that do not depend on each other but you want to have the separator to include them16:03
pokolimrichez: probably the separator should be moved to standard module (so you can add after them), but then we need a way to remove separators that do not have any field after16:03
mrichezpokoli: both are standard modules :-)16:03
mrichezpokoli: but not mandatory16:03
pokolimrichez: another option is to just remove the shipment separator17:03
pokolimrichez: I mean moved to the sale module (which is the one that both modules share in common)17:03
mrichezpokoli: but separator will be empty until i activate sale_shipment_cost or sale_shipment_grouping ?17:03
pokolimrichez: this is currently implemented only for notebook pages, but I imagine we can implement the same for separators17:03
pokolifor me it does not make sense to have a separator without any other field latter17:03
mrichezpokoli: indeed17:03
pokolimrichez: this is the code that remove the empty pages
mrichezpokoli: such code could be then implemented for separator ?17:03
mrichezas separator is at the same level than fields17:03
pokolimrichez: no, we should use a diferent xpath that picks separator s without following nodes17:03
mrichezpokoli: feature request ?17:03
pokolimrichez: yes, it's a new feature17:03
mrichezpokolli: ok, i'll create then...17:03
pokolimrichez: but my proposal it's just an Idea, don't kow if there is a better way to solve it. So probably better to discuss with the full context before going further17:03
mrichezpokoli: ok, that 'll be a discuss.. but for tomorrow.. i had to leave now17:03
pokolimrichez: just take your time no hurries. I read you tomorrow on discuss :)17:03
mrichezpokoli: :-)17:03
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