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LordVan_got a quick question15:03
LordVan_apart from running trytond-admin I don't have to do anything else when upgrading from 5.8.1 to 5.8.2 right?=15:03
cedkLordVan_: you do not even have to run trytond-admin, it is only between series15:03
LordVan_cedk, ok thanks .. I was just going to run it to be safe tbh15:03
LordVan_what I meant to ask16:03
LordVan_there has been this guy from packt publishing who had contacted me - and also Nicolas from the foundation - about a tryton book (do not ask my why he contacted me)16:03
LordVan_I told him I wouldn't mind contributing some to it (for the areas I know about) .. and he asked me if I know people who would maybe want to contribute16:03
cedkLordVan_: normally the foundation will contact some to try to build a team16:03
LordVan_cedk, i have no idea why he wrote to me .. maybe cuz of the blog posts or github stuff i duno16:03
LordVan_just thought16:03
LordVan_it'D be good to talk to you guys about it (he said he sent my contact details to nicolas too)16:03
LordVan_I mean i am definitely not the most qualified for that stuff just from the people in here16:03
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LordVan_hmm where did go?17:03
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