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pokoliLordVan: we removed the documentation because it was outdated and not maintaned09:03
LordVanpokoli, ok thanks09:03
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pokolicedk: it seems there is something wrong with our mercurial http server09:03
pokoliaccessing returns to the log wherei it should show the cahngelog09:03
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cedkpokoli: should be fixed, I left some debugging stuff when investigating why notify email links are no more working09:03
pokolicedk: works now, thanks for the fast fix!09:03
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LordVanis it possible to duplicate sale lines on a sale?11:03
pokoliLordVan: yes but the UI does not have a button to duplicate a single line11:03
pokoliLordVan: Just the entire sale11:03
LordVanpokoli, so in proteus i could11:03
LordVanguess i'll think about how to add a button in the UI11:03
pokoliLordVan: yes, in proteus you just need to call duplicate method (IIRC)11:03
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LordVanyeah i gotta look into13:03
LordVanhow to add a button for it13:03
LordVanor maybe context menu13:03
LordVanbut i I think a button right next to the add line one would be nice13:03
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pokoliLordVan: to add a button next to the add line one you should modify the tryton client14:03
pokoliLordVan: and I do not think we should add a button to duplicate records on all one2many fields14:03
LordVanpokoli, îs it not possible to just add it there only?14:03
LordVanwhat about14:03
LordVancontext menu or shortcut instead? to not clutter the interface14:03
cedkLordVan: The first question is why would you want to duplicate a line?14:03
pokoliACTION was going to ask the same question :)14:03
LordVanwe have some very similar sale lines where only a little bit needs changing14:03
LordVan(i added extra fields too)14:03
LordVanto avoid errors typing again or copy&paste14:03
LordVanlike practically the same text for several positions as we have different material thickness,..14:03
pokoliLordVan: once you've set a product, most information comes from there14:03
LordVannot using products for everything14:03
LordVanso unfortuantely that is useless for me14:03
LordVanthose are all one-off things14:03
LordVanor nearly anyway14:03
LordVannot going to create products for all that14:03
pokoliLordVan: why not?14:03
LordVanjust working with sale_line for it14:03
LordVanif I had the office stuff create products for everything as well14:03
LordVanthey would take 3 times longer14:03
LordVanand the benefit is minimal14:03
LordVanto barely existent14:03
pokoliLordVan: Isn't the thinknes and the material related to the selling product?14:03
pokoliLordVan: is see this is quite similare to what product_measurements offers14:03
LordVani just made this extra fields on sla_Eline14:03
pokoliLordVan: of course and you need to duplicate sale_lines because you are not using products14:03
pokoliLordVan: but tryton is designed to have a product model which have the materials the product is composed from (and other information)14:03
LordVanbut for literarily thousands of different products per month that get made once or mayb etwice eac14:03
LordVanthis is super overkill14:03
pokoliLordVan: but if you want to duplicate this is because you are sharing some properties...14:03
LordVanyes but between 5 sale lines then never again the same14:03
pokoliLordVan: then maybe the issue is that you do not need to set the info at sale line but on an intermediary model14:03
LordVani have looked into it14:03
LordVannot sure if that would be more or less complicated (to implement and handle)14:03
LordVanI will use products for 2 or 3 customers in the future where parts actually are recurring14:03
LordVanbut for 90% of the parts this would be like desiging the whole production process in 3D first when all you need to do is cut a bit of metal off14:03
pokoliLordVan: We try to find a good desing before going to implement anything14:03
LordVanthe way i have done it now works fine for us to be honest14:03
LordVanwe are already using it14:03
LordVanand most of the time just sale_line is fine cuz the lines are all different anyway14:03
LordVanjust sometimes duplication would be nice where only small things differ14:03
pokoliLordVan: first law of computer science: If something just works don't touch!!!14:03
pokoliACTION just joking14:03
pokoliLordVan: but I guess you can live without the duplication. It's just a nice feature14:03
LordVanwell as I said with parts that do repeatedly come up (which is only a few customers) i will use product soon (and auto-fill the sale_lines from product then)14:03
LordVanbut i just need to be able to do it manually to14:03
LordVananyway I know our way of using it is not in line with the "tryton way" but i had to adapt to our circumstances .. I just need a way to duplicate sale lines lol ..14:03
LordVanso .. what you were saying pokoli is that I need to modify the tryton client and *not* the XML files for the views?14:03
pokoliLordVan: if you will like to add the button next to the add new line button yes. And this will be available on all one2many fields14:03
LordVanok that is probably not what I want then14:03
LordVanif i made a wizard?14:03
pokoliLordVan: normally people start doing thinks "not the tryton way" and they end forking the entire project :O14:03
LordVanthat would probably be .. less intrusive14:03
LordVannot gonna fork it haha14:03
LordVanI am rather going to try to adjust what we do and align more with the tryton way (which i do like) as we go along15:03
LordVanbut i had a tight timeline15:03
pokoliLordVan: you can add a button that just copies the record but it won't reload the entire sale so you will not see the new record15:03
LordVanI shall think about how i will do this i guess15:03
pokoliLordVan: you can add a button_change that will create a new line with the current values, but not sure if you can do for a specific sale line, so probably the button should be on the sale and just duplicate the last one15:03
pokoliLordVan: or you can do whatever you prefer with a wizard, but this will be 2 or 3 clicks more15:03
LordVanpokoli, 2 or 3 clicks more and it is more intuitive would be fine15:03
LordVanour office staff are .. noobs15:03
pokoliLordVan: and they will be always noobs if you do not teach them how tryton works15:03
LordVani am15:03
LordVanbut when you ahve to start how to properly copy paste15:03
LordVandespair is near15:03
LordVani wasn'T talking tryton noobs . i was talking pc usage noobs15:03
LordVanbut yeah the button to duplicate the last line is definitely a good start15:03
LordVanbut it would be better to make a wizard to duplicate select ones (maybe even X times)15:03
LordVanwhich is the main reason why i am leaning towards the wizard15:03
pokoliLordVan: you will not be able to duplicate more than one line because from the wizard PoV the selected records will be the sale but not the lines15:03
LordVani have not yet looked at wizards at all so far .. so you are saying I cannot (easily) write some code to get a list of the sale lines of the record/sale and then do stuff with them?15:03
pokoliLordVan: yes you can but not from the sale screen15:03
pokoliLordVan: if you can not duplicate some lines from the UI it is not possible to do the same using a wizard15:03
pokoliLordVan: tryton always works with the same pattern of selected records15:03
LordVanok as I said i had not looked at the wizard stuff at all yetr15:03
cedkLordVan: you could just add a relate that opens the sale lines and from there you can duplicate any of them15:03
LordVancedk, that would probably the best solution over all15:03
LordVanI wasn'T sure how easy that was15:03
LordVancould you point me to where that is used somewhere so I ahve an example?15:03
cedkLordVan: search for form_relate keyword in XML15:03
LordVancedk, thank you - as always ;)15:03
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