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LordVani was wondering10:03
LordVanhow feasible would it be to take product_attribute AttributeSets and apply them directly to sale_line too?10:03
LordVan(instead of writing myself a custom module for something fairly similar)10:03
LordVanwould it be enough to just subclass SaleLine and add the attributes= .. there?10:03
cedkLordVan: you mean add a Dict field on the sale line?10:03
LordVanyes but10:03
LordVanuse the same data as the product attributes10:03
LordVanso i set it on product, but can set the same ona  sale_line without a product associated too10:03
LordVan[not sure if it makes sense workflow wise tbh just brainstorming]10:03
cedkLordVan: I guess you could have a template field and use the related AttributeSets on the sale line instead of a product10:03
cedkand then create the product automatically on confirmation10:03
LordVanhm i doubt i'd do the later but yeah that could be an option in the future maybe if it makes sense for us10:03
cedkLordVan: if you want to use stock, it is required10:03
LordVanyes but i am not using stock10:03
LordVannot fasible10:03
cedkfor me the all workflow is a valid standard use case10:03
LordVancedk, well but how would I use stock when I use only a small fraction of a metal sheet that i put in stock before and want the rest of it either back into stock later or discarded?10:03
LordVanmanging that in the stock module would be .. difficult afaik10:03
LordVanwith parts and also the leftover sheets often not even rectangular shape10:03
LordVani do plan to use stock at a later point for purchasing stuff maybe10:03
LordVanbut for the whole production cycle it is just not something that would work out without *a lot* of development and admin work afaik10:03
cedkLordVan: I guess I would use a surface UOM for sheet products, and book on production a surface for the scrap10:03
LordVancedk, yes ideally that could work but the amount of admin work would outweigh the benefits for our case10:03
LordVani am trying to change processes slowly10:03
LordVanto make it possible10:03
LordVanbut you probably know .. people are quite resistent to changes10:03
LordVanso i got to work it slowly10:03
cedkLordVan: I do not see booking surface as extra work, I guess they already have to do something like that10:03
LordVancedk, well you have no idea how much I am fighting with people actually updating stuff in lists/tryton and keep it updated10:03
LordVan"but it worked like that without all this for the last 25 years too" ..10:03
LordVanis something I hear too often10:03
cedkLordVan: well if you do not have problem, do no try to solve10:03
LordVanwell the inefficiency and lack of organization of stuff is a problem though10:03
LordVanjust one that requires people'S cooperation10:03
LordVancuz if the people using the programs and doing the work "fight you/the change" it is not really going to work out10:03
LordVanso i am slowly replacing the spreadsheets,. with tryton and then will work from that10:03
LordVancedk, would it work to have one attribute(set) shown directly in the "General" tab,.. [basically something i need for just about everything where i don'T want to go to attributes everytime and add the set11:03
LordVanto explain more: i make an AttributeSEt for Sheet MEtal which has the material type and thickness11:03
cedkLordVan: I can not answer because for me it is not logical11:03
LordVanand i want that to be shown .. e.g. under the Cost11:03
LordVani am not sure it it makes sense myself tbh11:03
LordVanbut i know that the people using the system will complain to no end if they always have to go to attributes, add the set and then select stuff11:03
LordVanfor *Every* sale_line / product11:03
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