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hobbeshello, I just installed tryton 5.8 to try it for my company, and then maybe propose it to some clients13:44
hobbesI just activated the party module, but I don't have a party configuration menu entry...13:44
hobbesoh, just found out by randomly browsing the settings: the admin is not admin for everything, I have to manually activate party administration ?13:47
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udonohobbes: hi, do you use admin user for login, or another selfcreated?13:49
hobbesadmin user13:49
udonohobbes: maybe you need to re-login, after module installation.13:50
hobbesbut now that I look at it and better understand the form, the permission was already there13:50
hobbesI did re-log, and ctrl-f5 my page several times13:50
hobbesit seems that what did the trick was to go to the admin user, and save it again13:50
udonohobbes: using sao?13:50
hobbesyes, I'm using the doc13:51
hobbesdocker container13:51
hobbesofficial one, my db is on a specific host, but the rest of tryton comes from the official doc13:52
hobbesdocker container13:52
udonohobbes: so I guess you need to restart the tryton service or container and re-login after module install13:52
hobbesthat would be rather strange, but why not, module install is not a day to day operation... I'll try that if I have to start from scratch at a point (which will probably be the case :-)13:53
hobbesnote that if it's a requirement, it should be documented13:54
pokolihobbes: if you activate the module from the UI it should relaoad the user interface to have permissions updated13:59
pokolihobbes: if you activate the module from commandline you should logout and login to force the reload14:00
hobbespokoli: it did not, I even got to the demo to be sure that there should be a configuration menu under party14:00
hobbespokoli: I logged out, reloaded my browser, even closed it and reopened14:00
pokoliACTION is going to test on trunk14:01
hobbespokoli: it's only when I went to the user configuration and saved the admin user that the menu immediately appeared14:01
pokolihobbes: you mean user preferences?14:01
hobbespokoli: no, the Users/Users menu14:02
pokolihobbes: going to user preferences also reloads the UI14:02
hobbespokoli: I only have one user, I opened it, saved it, and voilĂ 14:02
pokolihobbes: tested on latest trunk, I get the configuration menu after activating the party module14:03
cedkI think there was a cache bug that have been fixed14:13
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