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sisalpHello, I ned some help with the method to debug a new installation12:04
sisalpmys service is
sisalpwhen I try to login as "admin" I get a traceback on sao but not in service's log12:04
sisalpWhere should I start ?12:04
sisalppreviously, I had a missing lib pango1.0, and got rid of the message by installing pango1.0 on system, but I did find pango1.0 in documentation.12:04
sisalpHow do you do to save time and be confident with your install ?12:04
sisalp* I did NOT find pango1.0 in TRYTON documentation12:04
cedksisalp: should look at the trytond logs, I guess it can not import some modules due to a missing dependency13:04
cedksisalp: pango is not a direct dependency as far as I know13:04
sisalpI have nothing in log except [10/Apr/2021 11:25:53] "GET /images/tryton-error.svg HTTP/1.1" 200 -13:04
sisalpI may have a wrong level in log ?13:04
cedksisalp: crash should be reported as CRITICAL13:04
cedksisalp: another possibility is that the database is not correctly initialized13:04
sisalpservice is started with --verbose. I will check the trytond-admin creation of the database. Thank you.13:04
sisalpin fact the server doesn't crash, looks like fake news from sao ;-)13:04
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cedksisalp: this error happens because there is an exception raised when the Pool is constructing the classes13:04
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sisalpcedk: you were right. Recreating the database solves the problem.  i will focus on this point and find the mistake. Thank you14:04
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