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develissimoHi folks, is there an "expand all" shortcut or mouse click action in SAO? We would like to expand the full  "Open Chart of Accounts" at once. "Open Chart of Accounts" always starts collapsed.05:13
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develissimorunning @ Tryton SAO Version 5.806:16
pokolidevelissimo: IIRC there was a shortcut for tryton but I did not remember one06:25
pokolidevelissimo: but I can confirm that I'm also missing the feature you are asking for :)06:26
develissimopokoli good to know we are not alone ;-) Thx06:32
develissimopokoli: in tryton-client the shortcut is "Left-SHIFT + RIGHT-arrow" to expand all if thats what you where "not remembering" at.06:37
pokolidevelissimo: I think there was an option to expand all the tree in a single shourtuct06:44
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develissimopokoli: yes "Left-SHIFT + RIGHT-arrow" will expand all the tree, but only in tryton-client such functionality seems not to be present in SAO it even worse, while tryton-client did remember the last expansion state, SAO seems to always start collapsed with no possibility to remember expansion state..06:50
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pokolidevelissimo: you are right, tree state is also missing on sao06:55
cedkno there is tree state on sao06:56
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develissimopokoli: aside from this we are quite pleased with the new SAO 5.8 look and feel. hopefully this missing features will arrive soon. Expand all without keyboard-shortcut but with a "mouse-click-action" would be sufficient.06:58
pokolicedk: its not possible to implement it on web?06:58
cedkthere is neither an expand all on desktop client07:01
cedkthis is because tree are not guarantee to no be cyclic07:01
cedkbut I guess we could imagine adding a button on the header to expand/collapse the selected records07:04
cedkFYI tree_state is only activated on menu in standard and it works in demo.tryton.org07:06
cedkI would put the expand/collapse button next to the select all checkbox07:09
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pokolicedk: +1 for the expand/collapse button07:16
pokolicedk: I'm wondering if it makes sense to activate the tree_state also on the account.account.type07:16
pokoliI've find myself expanding all nodes, then adding a comparision and re-expanding the same nodes just because I changed some filter07:16
develissimocedk: next to the select all checkbox is good located, but an "expand all" feature is still missing. Our account chart is quite huge (deep) so lots of click actions have to be done until the full chart is open, and a reload would again collapse the full chart.  while the expand/collapse would work on selected records which is an improvement, its not totally satisfying concerning our workflow uses "Open Chart of Accounts" a lot.07:20
develissimopokoli: exact same situation we are in. re-expanding over and over... which is extremly time consuming.07:21
cedkI think it will be better to have intermediary option that keep tree state on client side without saving it07:22
cedkdevelissimo: do not use chart of account but general legder07:23
cedkindeed I do not think we should have a new option value but set_tree_state should expand using its memory state07:25
develissimocedk: +1 thanks for the tip with general ledger, will take this into account. seems the much better workflow. thank you very much!07:30
cedkfor the tree state:
cedkand here is the feature request for the expand/collapse button
pokoliACTION testing tree state patch :)07:52
pokolicedk: worked like a charm. Thank you so much!08:00
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nicoecedk: FYI I updated my windows box and gdk-pixbuf 2.42.4 has reached the mingw pacman repository13:07
cedknicoe: OK I will update the windows build for 6.0 release13:27
cedkWe must remove all node shits from sao14:48
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LordVanI'm haveing a strange problem where a many2many does not always get saved on a sale when the sale has not been saved before .. any clue what could cause that?19:40
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