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cedkI will not review, nor release anything until is fixed08:46
mrichezcedk: you just launch this command ( ./trytond/trytond/tests/ to tests all modules ?  Got no error09:25
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cedkpokoli: for me if you want to have plural for the company main menu entry it must be changed in English first10:18
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pokolicedk: Indeed I want to have the same menu for Parent and Children, to avoid having Company / Companies in action name11:00
pokolicedk: The same as we have in product and parties11:00
cedkpokoli: I understand but it is wrong to solve that with translations11:03
cedkI already had to fight against such practice on the German translation in the past11:07
cedkit is not fair to solve naming issue only for a specific language11:07
pokolicedk: sincerly, we have some issues with translations in Spanish/Catalan where we already have specific strings that I try to fix. And I thought this was the case11:10
cedkmrichez: it must be run with empty db cache11:15
pokolicedk: Indeed the problem is our translation, where the Party and Product form uses the plural translation11:26
pokoliwhile the English one uses the plural11:27
pokoliIs there any reason to use the Singular for the main menu and the plural for the action one?11:27
cedkpokoli: initially it was because the main menu is a name for the concept11:30
cedkbut now with the tab name simplification, I think it makes sense for main menu which are directly named after the main document to use plural like for Sales and Purchases11:31
Timitoswe also use the plural for parties, companies and products. it seems more natural for our users11:31
cedkor to have a more generic name11:32
cedkACTION sad that people change the translation instead of fixing the origin11:32
pokolicedk: IIRC this was already mentioned earlier (maybe 2012 or so) by nantic and zikzakmedia and it was refused for some reason that I not remember11:33
pokoliprobably because the reason you mentionend above11:33
pokoliSo it was localized in a diferent way11:33
pokoliI did not remember the details because I did not took care of the translations those years11:34
Timitosi have some english strings on my todo list. i will work on them for the next release11:34
cedkpokoli: This is my complaint that people "fix" in translation. This is wrong (and make me loose trust in translators)11:36
pokoliI created:
pokolicedk: well at least we have a clear path now11:39
Timitosit may be wrong but when you notice a bad english string while translating it during the development freeze it is to late get it fixed for the next release11:40
Timitosi know that this is not valid for the plural usage for parties and so on. but this is something that has been done a long time ago and i know that there was already a discussion about these plural a long time ago where we did not reach an agreement11:42
cedkTimitos: that's false excuses, at least a bug report could be filled (and depending on the problem we may make small updates)11:50
Timitosok. i will do that for the future11:51
Timitosi planned to focus on the english terms anyway11:51
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pokoliIt's clear that we need more forces to fix everything12:11
pokoliACTION overhelmed with so much forum and bug tracker replies12:14
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cedkACTION too much takers vs contributors12:32
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